Sunday, July 26, 2015

Look who is feeling good! I know! And, Eli feels good, too wink emoticon We all went to church both services today. Eli has been doing great. I don't know what turned him around, unless it was the appetite stimulant that has helped him to eat more - he's not going to put KFC out of business or anything, but for him as of late, he has been eating great. I am so surprised. No appetite stimulant has ever done anything. That has to make him feel so much better. It was a fight to literally get two bites of a sandwich and five cheese nips down him all day for several weeks. He still has the pain in his side that he says he can "feel" is there, but it is not hurting him. He was even in the floor playing some (not long, but
still), which was wonderful to see, especially since one reason the other kids are here is to spend time with him. He has had three crying/tantrums after either not getting his way or after a nap, but today he felt good and was even wanting to try to pick a wrestling match with me. We are starting our last week of cycle two, and we have an appointment with a GI doc to see if the pain is digestive
related, and we have another appointment with our awesome onc. He is so funny (not really meaning to be). I was brainstorming with him last week about what this pain could be. He went through several things that were long shots, and I said, "I heard one boy who had abdominal pain had a partial colonoscopy and it stopped hurting." He looked down, smiled, paused then with his Indian accent he said, "yes, but how can you know this, that is amazing, but yes." So, funny. (that situation was a little different than Eli, so I don't think that will be needed).

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