Wednesday, June 10, 2015

We rolled into Houston about 11 last night, same place we stayed before. Weird to come back after the devestating news when last we were here. It was stressful and overwhelming to get everything in order before we left. Thankfully as usual we have lots of help and more offers to help than we have to
 do - and there was a cruiseship load of things to do, so that will give you an idea of how many offers we have. Work was still going on with we left (melissa), thankfully bc as our luck would have it, someone wanted to see the house. (She's worth the big bucks we pay her.) We had an eventless trip. We were packed in, but no 
complaints from anybody. Our appointment got moved back to 1530 hours. It's just to sign consent papers and for the neurosurgeon who is sponsoring the trial to check him out before the MRI tomorrow to check disease progression. Plans did change some in that Vic is staying until Saturday. Eli is eager "to do something", is in a good mood, looks good. Caleb is his usual precious self. He wanted to tell the 
waitress at Cracker Barrel thank you for leaving the pickle off of his cheese sandwich like he ordered bc the Cracker Barrel at Athens never does. He is fun. Like a little bouncey terrier around Eli's grumpy, lazy bulldog, wanting desperately to play. But the more he wants Eli too, the more Eli acts ugly to him. Eventually he plays near him, then joins. When Eli and I were in Houston before, and some ladies from church were keeping the househould running, one of them asked what they (the family) were out of because she was going to the grocery store for them. Caleb told her that they were out of blueberry pop tarts. She put it on the list. Well, they were out, because I don't buy them! Sneaky. We should know MRI results, friday, I think, then his first infusion is Monday. Coming into Houston there are several refineries that look like cityscapes. Texans are use to it, but it is oddly interesting looking coming in at night especially. It was a while before I knew what it was. We are living a blessed life.

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