Sunday, June 28, 2015

We are apartment dwellers and lovin' it. So far, two nights in, I have not heard a peep beside us, above us or below us, and only a few peeps in the hallway last night after bedtime. No police cars; no bloodcurdling screams for help in the hallway (yes, odd story); no jumping on the floor shaking our light fixture; no having to turn my towels in for clean ones and being given two less than the number of people in the room; no only cooking in the microwave; no converting furniture; no assigning a spot on the floor for someone to sit and eat; no slamming of doors in the hallway until the morning hours; no walking to the third floor to be fleeced by a coin trap when doing our laundry to then have someone that I do not know take my clothes out of the washer and put them wet on a table b/c they can not wait one minute
 for me to walk from my room where my timer went off to the third floor; no rude front desk workers or managers offended that they are asked to do their job; and the biggest perk so far is that I do not have to walk me and my kids - one of whom is fighting cancer, mind you - through the stink of smokers standing at the door choosing to suck on cancer sticks or overrun the pool with their inconsiderate cloud of stench. Eli and I, in combination with other family members off and on, have stayed the better part of four months in an extended day hotel (check out the descriptions of the pics). It wasn’t the worst, but it didn’t help an already stressful situation on some days. To be fair on some days it did because it was so close to everything. But, this place is peace (so far, and until there is a tornado warning, then we
 are going to be hating the apartment living thang). If our house were to sell right now, I think I would seriously consider a two bedroom condo in a quiet s/d with a great pool and a playground. It's not how much square footage there is, but the functionality and usefulness of the space... and your tolerance of what you think you need.

Eli has lived on the couch for days, with us hand-feeding him bites and sips getting maybe two handfuls of goldfish and an applesauce all day, and trying desperately to get most of a water bottle down. Until this afternoon when he got up to play in the floor - which is a big deal considering how he has felt this week, and I was watching him closely expecting him to give it up and get back on

 the couch. He lasted a little while, so when he wanted  his phone from the car to play Angry Birds, I told him that he had to come with me to get it (we are on the second floor). He agreed, then I stretched a bit and told Caleb to come. Then when we got ready, I stretched a bit more and told him that we were going to let Caleb play on the playground a minute (it is very cool out today for Houston). He was not happy with me, (been there countless times!), but he did it… fussin’, but he did it for a little while. He did eat half of a piece of pizza at prompting. Vic was here this weekend, but Eli has really been having a rough time. He has gone steadily downhill since
 Wednesday on energy level, eating, and just in overall how he felt. He has been incredibly cranky with everybody, cries easily, and if he had to get up off the couch from laying down, even to sit up, he would cry pitifully. He would just say that he didn’t feel like himself and that he was really tired. His color is pretty good, and he does not have a fever or any symptoms, except that his side hurts, which it was hurting when we were at home, and has flared back up. No explanation yet as to what that pain is. This afternoon, is the first time, he has been voluntarily sitting up, or even off the couch. He is easily winded, and his little voice is weak. If he doesn’t get much better than this, I’m not sure that we should come home, ya know, be that far from the hospital that is treating him. We got burned on that last time. This week is his last treatment for this cycle, so I will be so glad his body gets a rest.

We had a fun visit from a special new friend before things got kind of wild trying to get the apartment and preparing for the non-hurricane and all. Mr. Wayne Hemingway, age 96, came to visit us. I could
have listened to him tell stories for a good while. Several things special about him - besides being 96, which you would never know - he met Henry Ford, Eli’s idol, and worked for the Ford Motor Company in Detroit. So, he had lots of stories about working for Mr. Ford, what it was like to be an employee actually under him. And, very interesting to us personally, is  Mr. Hemingway is one of the founders of our little school. He worked along side Mr. Rollings and Mr. Fudge in literally building our school buildings, and was the first headmaster, I think. His daughter, Beth, who came to my rescue with medicine when I had the flu those first couple of days out here by ourselves, was in the first graduating class, I think it was. That was so cool to hear him talk about Mr. Rollings, whom I grew up knowing because I was close friends with his granddaughters, and I was in Mr. Rollings last senior Bible class. Mr. Hemingway talked about where they lived just across the street from the school, things like that. How close they all were, like a family, as they worked to give their dream wings. We love our school, the people, but we are also thankful for the choice it gives us to educate our kids in a Christian environment. So, it was neat to hear from and actually be able to ask questions to one of the original crafters about this place that was important to my grandmother, who believed in the mission of the school, and to my parents who sacrificed many things for us to attend because they believed in the mission and came to love it, and to me who loved it and came to believe in its mission, and to my kids who long to be there when they are away. Mr. Hemingway was a big hit all the way around. He was able to talk Henry Ford with Eli, ABS with me, and you couldn’t guess what his hobby is… model trains! Mr. Heminghway is a big fan of trains, so Caleb was thrilled to talk about that. So, it was a very special visit, and we were so happy to have met Mr. Hemingway and his daughter.

If you have anything to send to Eli, just continue to send to The Grasshopper, 107 S. Marion Street, Athens, AL 35611. The mail is weird here, UPS leaves it in the office, FedEx sometimes does, sometimes doesn’t, we have to get in the car to go get the mail… so just keep it there, and Vic will bring it when he comes. Thank you for always thinking aout Eli and us as we are away from home. The kids miss home a lot, and are going to be more than ready to go home this weekend. If Eli is not well enough, Vic will probably just come to get them, so either way, they will get a break.

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