Saturday, May 2, 2015

Eli is READY to go home! He has been great today, in a good mood, and excited to be going home for a bit. He has been here since April 6 (and that was after being here briefly just the week before. He hasn't been really home since March 28.), and we were not expecting to stay when we came at that time. He hasn't complained about not being
home, (thank goodness! Has only ever done that, I think twice, when he was really upset about what the nurses were doing, or he was very sick due to the chemo during that first horrible treatment. It will break your heart.), he is good about that. He wants to "play stuffed animals" with Caleb and Abbey, he said. He can't keep up with them with much else, and Abbey is a wonderful "pretender" playmate, and even better when she is being nice. He has asked almost every day that he knows we either don't have anything, or have a light load of appointments if we can go to the zoo or the museum. Even when he was sick on Thursday, he asked. (Thank goodness he is not in charge of him!) So, today, since I felt
 like he had moved that nasty methotrexate out of his body and had a great day yesterday, we went to the Houston Museum of Natural Science. It was a lot of fun, he really enjoyed it. We did not "read" everything as Daddy does. Eli even commented "If Daddy was here, we would be saying 'come on, Daddy, come on!" Yeah, I look, but keep walking. So, we are already loaded in the car, hoping to drive the entire way tomorrow, but we'll see. Lastly, I wanted to remind everyone that Gray Matters in May for Brain Cancer Month. Get your Eli The Eliminator Bear this month in honor of the brain cancer fighters that face so many battles beyond the physical due to their disease. These bears, (and the puppies) are so soft, they are about 15 inches, I think, very nice stuffed animal. As I just mentioned, Eli does like stuffed animals in addition to his cars... if put in front of him, he would choose a diecast over a stuffed animal, no doubt, but still he likes the soft and cuddly, too. So, hope that you snag an Eli Bear, supplies are limited. Or, we still have some Eli's Block Party T-shirts with Eli's likeness on the back that we really need to sell. Sizes are limited, but we have at least one in all sizes. You can use these links and we will ship to you, or you can pick up both at The Grasshopper downtown in Athens. Thanks for all you do! I hope to write you next from home!

For the bear $20:

For adult shirt $20:

For the youth shirt $15:

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