Friday, May 15, 2015

Eli and I pulled in the driveway at 2355 hours Wednesday. I enjoyed a day of denial yesterday, so I didn’t post anything, just enjoyed getting home. We did stop at Duck Commander, but there was no one with beards there. That was fine, I really just thought it would be neat to see the place, and be a more interesting place to stretch our legs than a Books-a-Million again. So, we did that and Eli really wanted us to make it all the way home…. as he - a person in the car that wasn’t driving - was telling me just a few minutes before he fell asleep in the backseat at 2040 hours.

We don’t have a plan yet. We talked with the local St. Jude clinic doc - not our neuro-oncologist because he doesn’t seem to be too interested in us any more - about options. But, she didn’t have
 anything to say that I didn’t already know, except that Eli’s bloodwork even today showed that his body is tired. He has not even fully recovered from that one little dose of chemo a couple of weeks ago. She also talked about hospice care, which I knew that she would. I think we plan to pursue the trial at Sloan-Kettering in New York, if he were to qualify for it. Beyond that, there is only chemo, and I just don’t think his body can handle it. I’m trying to read about cannabis oil, but I don’t think Vic is open to that. The proof he wants is just not the documentation that is out there, but there is no proof the chemo left to use would do anything either, plus he would want it administered through a hospital, and I don’t think we are going to find that. So, we aren’t left with anything, really, but enjoying each other and being thankful for every day. Eli feels great, he is enjoying being home and just playing. I will update as there is information to update.

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