Thursday, April 2, 2015

We made it to Nashville this afternoon, 1700 miles after leaving home Monday at lunch. We are at the Lads to Leaders convention. The kids have been working towards participating in different things for a while. We weren't sure we were going to get to come with Eli's situation up in the air, so we are thrilled to be here, even though we are a little distracted, we scarcely had clean clothes to pack, and the kids are under-prepared due to sporadic attention from us over the last two months. The girls have speech and songleading for the ladies, and they are both in Bible bowl and on puppet teams. The boys have speech and songleading. The scans arrived at MDA today, but not in time for the tumor board review. The doctor said they are loading the images to their system, so that the team and neurosurgeon will review them tomorrow. The tumor board will review everything Monday. They've scheduled Eli for their own MRI and a special spinal fluid flow test at the end of next week. The doctor has asked the selection committee (this is a second review board that he must pass) to wait on its decision concerning Eli until the results of their own MRI and the flow test can be considered along with everything else. So, lots of hurdles and gates to go over and through before his enrollment is accepted. We are tired, but excited to be enjoying this special time together. The kids always look forward to coming. Top to-dos: Rainforest Cafe, Lego Store, Justice, and aerostople. We've already checked all that off. We like to play a game called "I Spy Eli" at covention for anyone following his blog and that know him from other congregations. We usually have a little prize to give, but I forgot it. But, if you Spy Eli this weekend, stop at say Hi!

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