Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The parking cop said that he hasn't
ever let anyone stand on his ride.
I’ve been working on an update, but was trying to include car show thank you’s in it, and it is taking too long to get it written. Eli is doing pretty well. He seems unusually tired, which is making me
nervous (is it the shunt setting, is the cancer growing rapidly and squeezing his brain, etc.). His flu symptoms were mild, except that he has a horrible cough. He won’t cough hard b/c it hurts his head and neck, so there is thick junk in his lungs. I posted something about getting back into Houston on my personal FB page, and didn’t realize that I had not shared that info on any of Eli's pages. The car show was amazing, and I will share about that next time. I traveled all day Sunday to get back. I had a lengthier drive because I went around a strong storm system that had high winds and hail in it. I was not happy to leave the kids, but so glad to finally see Eli. I had to stay away from him because I was sick and then he was in the hospital, but I got to see him Thursday before I left to go to Athens. We rested in the hotel Monday and Tuesday, minus a trip to Target for a DVD player so that he can at least watch movies (PBS is the only kid channel at this hotel), and to get Caleb a birthday gift. He
wanted to go to the zoo today, but he seems unusually tired, so I had to be the adult and do what was best for him, not what he wanted to do. Instead, we took a scenic drive down to the coast. We just took his pillow so that he could lay his head over, and then hit the road. Eli and I like the road. We set our route to Galveston Island. We got out to take a couple of pictures, talk to a parking cop with a cool ride, but then got right back in the car. He did want to go in a souvenir shop, so we did that and he bought a rubber crab and a refrigerator magnet. Other than that, we just drove along the Island and came back up through Freeport - Yuck! Won't go that way again. We have an appointment with the neurosurgeon
 tomorrow just to see that all looks well, and from my untrained eye, it seems to. I haven’t notice any cerebral spinal fluid leaking, but I am worried about the extra tiredness, and he is very stiff-necked still. His eating and drinking is slow and I am having to push quite a bit. He misses Caleb and the girls, and talks about going home a lot. Vic is bringing Caleb and Hg this weekend, Abbey is staying in town for school activities. MRI is Friday, so pray for a slow growth.

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