Thursday, April 9, 2015

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Aargh! Yes, I’m sick!! I hadn’t felt very good for a couple of days, texted Vic and Melissa that my body hurt, but that was my only symptom. We went on about our business. I struck it up to “allergies,” even though my nose was fine, little sleep, and an ultra-soft pillow hurting my neck (I’m part cowboy and sleep the best on a rock-like, rolled up towel). But, yesterday afternoon, I started coughing a little more productively, and then last night started running a fever. NO!!!! Eli can not, CAN NOT get sick. He can not miss Monday, and I do not want to miss Monday! Vic was coming Sunday anyway, so he is coming today. He is driving so that we can turn the rental car in, so it will be tonight before he can get here. Eli and I had expected to have a couple of days off, but the hospital called him to come in yesterday for something, but we were already at Toys R Us when they called. So, as long as he got to do that, he is pretty satisfied. Then I got worse during the night, and was glad to have a full day off today. We of course, had hoped to do some apartment hunting, and had planned to go to a car show, but can’t do that now. I’m just trying to stay quarantined to a chair. The hospital did call for him to come in, but I told them that I just could not come to the hospital, it would have to wait and do it all tomorrow. So, they arranged that.

I appreciate all the input for housing. Joe’s House is a website that has listings of housing with patient discounts, so I have been working through that list (you even get a bigger discount if you mention
Elis fixing his own lunch so that I don't get near it.
 Joe’s House). My first hope is to find something that we plan to be in for the entirety of the treatment (three to four months) that fits our entire family, so that I can check that off my list and not think about it again. The others won’t come until school is out, but still we (I) would like to be done. Not many non-profit patient housing allow for more than four and some only allow for two (the patient and the caregiver). Some want you to move out after a certain number of days to give other patients a chance, which means there is no promise when you can move back in. I just don’t want to keep moving around and always having to find and wait on something. My first choice is to find something for everybody and check it off, but if we can’t find anything fitting that, (Vic and I, of course, have
Putting together his legos and watching Wild Kratts - a fav combo
 different opinions. He just wants cheap, I want safe, clean and near, but he’ll be at work most of the time! It’s like during the summer, when he would leave for work, he would turn the air conditioner down… well, we are still there!!!) then I will go for something temporary for just Eli and me, and I have several choices for that. We have two appointments this weekend. Thank you all for your help in gathering info. I also have an address for you to use for us here:

Eli Williams
c/o Memorial Church of Christ
900 Echo Lane
Houston TX 77024

My temp is still staying up, the cough hasn’t changed, and my nose has gotten in on it now, and my belly is cramping, just please, please, I don’t want to start puking. I’ve got an antibiotic that I’ve
You know I'm going to get a t-shirt as first thing!
started just in case, but I’m figuring this is viral, which is not good. Tomorrow is going to be a long day for Eli, but I don’t think it will necessarily be hard. Welcome to all of our new followers. We are so appreciative of all the prayers. Prayer is a special gift. Can you imagine not being able to talk with your doctor about your child, not being able to express concern, petition for certain kinds of care. If we had not been able to talk with Dr. Robinson in December 2013, Eli’s treatment that year would have been much different, and I am confident that he would not be here now for this trial. Prayer is a powerful tool, and we are so thankful that you use it regularly on Eli’s behalf.

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