Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Thankfully, Eli is still in the hospital and will be at least through tomorrow. They have scheduled a CT scan for tomorrow just to check the placement of the Ommaya, and to check the fluid levels since they changed the shunt setting temporarily. He seems to be doing pretty good. I was working at the table this morning, and my phone buzzed and it said "Eli Williams". He was sending me a text. It made me almost cry, that was the first communication effort he has made with me. He has been up walking a lot, he has been eating and playing with toys while he was in the bed. He is not moving his head much, still kind of stiff. He doesn’t seem to be suffering to badly from the flu symptoms, so I am so glad that so far it is looking mild. Other than that, not a lot going on today. They are under isolation rules, so they both had to wear full “bunny suits” when they
walked outside the room. The doc gave Vic tamiflu, so he had it filled at the onsite pharmacy and they were out walking around. I’m still at the hotel, just couldn’t decide what to do. My cough is embarrassing, and I know the look I give when someone is coughing around my cancer kid. So, I stayed away again. I told them that I would come up there in the morning and spend the day before I head to Athens for the car show weekend. We are watching the weather closely for Saturday in Athens, and praying for a great day. We are in desperate need of volunteers if you would like to donate a couple of hours and come hang out with us. We also have Eli The Eliminator Bears for sale with the proceeds going to our non-profit group. You can order using this link:…/XEzoq-eli-the-eliminator-bear-w… which is the shipping option.
 Locally, they are available at the Grasshopper. In the pictures is Eli standing next to a paper dragon that was created by a staff member with the help of patients, I think. It is really neat. Eli also had a deliver today.

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