Monday, March 30, 2015

We are hitting the road for a couple or 12 hours headed to Houston, TX, for an appointment at MD Anderson in the morning. This is just a consultation, they only have preliminary paperwork, so not sure this meeting will accomplish much. We will come home after the appointment. We have been in such a whirlwind every day that i have pretty much only have had access to my phone for updates, instead of my computer. I finally figured out how to update the blog from my phone, so i will be able to do a better job of keeping the blog folks up to date now. Posts will be short from my phone, but at least it will be something. But can't figure out how to add pictures. Eli and Caleb participated in the youth boys leading the worship service last night. They did very well, not nervous, they do still just read their speeches, but getting up there is more than I or most can do. I am always amazed at how well all the kids do. I'm use to seeing these little boys run around, chaotic, then there they are up there teaching me a valuable lesson. Beautiful. Thank you for your prayerful petitions for Eli, that this trial be open, for Eli to be a candidate and if not, thst they have some ideas that we don't know about. Eli loves to look at catalogs. This is his current fav, but he has half of what's on there. We are waiting for Hg to finish up at the orthodontist, then heading west.

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