Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sleeping and eating just get in the way of a good head of steam. I’m so tired of having to stop what I’m working on to do those two things… Not so much that I will stay out of the Thin Mints - which by the way are mis-named! They absolutely do not make you thin, so I’m thinking about a class action lawsuit and I have proof, lots of proof.

Eli is still fighting RSV some, he is much better, but not well enough to get all of the mid-cycle chemo yesterday. They held one of the meds, irinotecan, so that is an entire cycle that he missed that drug (he got none of it this month). So frustrating, and disappointing. Receiving chemo is based on his body’s readiness for it, so getting a simple cold causes more trouble than just taking a while to get over. It means missing an opportunity to beat down an aggressive cancer that doesn’t just sit around and wait. Like the devil’s spawn it is, it seizes upon opportunities to grow. At least he got something, but the meds kind of have different jobs, so whatever job Irinotecan does, didn’t get done.

He feels pretty good. The bevacizumab that he did get doesn’t have a lot of side affects - which makes me wonder does it really do anything. But, his ANC (immune system) was already below what is acceptable to go maskless before he had chemo yesterday, so he will not be getting out any time soon. His port area is sore from where the ER struggle to hit the sweet spot, but St. Jude popped it right in for chemo. We learned that Huntsville Hospital is forming a “Port Team” of nurses (including the St. Jude nurses, I believe) that will specialize in port access and someone on the team will be available 24 hours in the ER - not sure if that is just the pediatric ER or the main, too. So, that’s a great step, and a sad one, too, that it is needed.

Except for the sick stint, not much else has been going on. February is notoriously sickly for us, so nothing new there. I played in a volleyball alum game. I am too out of shape to do much damage on the court, just damage on my own body. My reflexes are pitifully slow now, too, but I always enjoy playing with gals that I played with for many years. Mostly on the softball field, but it’s one thing for me to take a beating on the volleyball court where I was only ever a tolerable warm body, and yet another to get a slap of reality on the softball field. My talent of denial would be challenged.

I will be taking pull-tabs for any organizations/groups that have been collecting for the Ronald McDonald House to the house that services St. Jude in Memphis. I would like to keep my collection rendezvouses to a minimum, so if you are a group contact (or if you could let your group contact know), please message me and we can arrange a drop-off or to meet up. I would need these by the 17th, or before.

We were sad to hear that the preschool teacher for both Eli and Caleb passed away suddenly of cardiac arrest this week. She had been at the little school for 18 years, and the staff there is very close, so they and the kids are having a tough time. The boys dont’ know, I just couldn’t tell them, and they are far enough out from preschool now that it’s not in their minds much any more. Except that Caleb did ask to go back to preschool when his school had a break. So, at the beginning of the year, when our school had a holiday, but they didn’t, they let him come to school. Instead of going to his latest former class, (he went through the four-year-olds twice), he chose to go to this lady’s class.

Thank you for your prayers for all of us.

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