Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Getting read to head to memphis
So, we made it to Memphis fairly quickly as I kept thinking at some point i was going to see ice, so I scooted right along. And, as it became more and more apparent that the roads were fine, I was able to relax and listen to (and watch) some Tim Conway and Carol Burnett because I found this cool gadget that you can mount your phone on your dash by clipping it to the vent. How useful is that and it was only like $3. I am probably the only person that drives a car that didn’t know this existed. Sometimes I wonder where I am that so many people know about so many cool things and do so many cool things that I just seem to be in the dark about. But it was, as I said, cool, my feet were toasty though. I turned the air totally to the floor, but how fun and a great mindless way to combat stress for a couple of hours. We made it to just outside Memphis by 1430 (having left at 1100, stopping once), so Eli was sly to point out that he is suppose to get something from Toys R Us when he is good and has an MRI. He said that he anticipated being good, so he felt it prudent to get that out of the way just in case we were pushed for time on Friday trying to get home. Sweet boy, so logical. I did have two kids here that I wanted to give something to, so we stopped and took our time shopping and deciding. He went with a Transformer this time, thank goodness! I hate having Legos at Grizzlies House, which is now Tri-Delta Place. There is no way all the pieces will make it home. Caleb would just find a piece at home to replace at lost one, but for Eli, it’s broken, doesn’t work, isn’t how it is suppose to be. A transformer, as long as there is not a loose weapon, is a great
These two are fun. Eli just doesn't have the energy a normal
10yo boy has, but Abbey fills in nicely... sometimes not as nice.
 all-in-one toy. And I pull the daddy card when it comes to transforming them, so it’s one of my favorite toys. Before coming in, we also went ahead and dropped off some donations that had been collected. A teacher friend at church had her class collect books to donate to Target House, so that was two big boxes to drop off. I was unable to get a picture. There was a big limo bus there doing some kind of fancy tour, and Eli wouldn’t get out because it was so cold, so I had to get out of the way. I’m hoping if we have time, we can go back by there. We have appointments each day from 7 until almost 5, so don’t know if I will get back there, but thank you so much to Rainbow Elementary for their work in collecting and their heart for donating. We also were able to stop at Ronald McDonald House to drop off a huge collection of recyclable pop-tabs. Mostly
Eli's first stop that is suppose to be our last stop out of Memphis.
 collected through Bethel Church of Christ and Mill Creek Elementary, but some individuals as well. Again, Eli wouldn’t get out (we are only a quarter of a mile from St Jude at this point and he is ready to get settled), so I took a picture with the recipient. This pop-tab thing seems to be a popular, but it is not something that I collect. I’m going to see if I can talk a McDonald’s in Athens or Madison into being a “participating” McDonald’s and be a collection point for these, even if it is just like during one month a year. Anyway, there’s got to be a more efficient way for y’ll to get those where you want them. But what a great haul! That’s about a 20-gallon tub over-flowing. We have some great things happening with the car show. If you would like to be a vendor (we are not duplicating “name brand”/“multi-level marketing” products until every 15 booths, and we’ve already gotten several, so you may be on a
Pop-tab donation.
 waiting list, just need to check if a spot is taken yet) of unique crafts or products, or if you would like to just set up a table and hand out water bottles or pens with you companies name on it to advertise, let me know. We are also looking for groups or clubs to provide a kid activity tent, so let me know if your club wants a spot. If you want your logo on the back of the shirt and on the flyers, I need that asap, and if you would like to include something promotional in the goodie bags for the car peeps, pm me. And, most of all, we want lots and lots of cool cars and vehicles to look at. I am especially interested in veterans groups that might have military vehicles that they show, so pm me with a contact. It’s shaping up to be a fun day. We’ve got an early start and non-stop all day tomorrow, thank you for your prayers at
We are pyramid-side! Yay! He doesn't seem to care as much
after three years of this.
 this potentially pivotal time in Eli’s treatment. Please, remember Molly, and a teen named Kane, and another teen named Montana. These are kids from our area. It is so different for teens in every way. Special prayers for these kids as they are forced to mature early.

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