Thursday, February 26, 2015

Feel the need for some extra prayers today. We have some conversations going with a couple of doctors, including our own, about our options for Eli's treatment. There is no clear-cut answer, and there is nothing desirable, so we are choosing between evils - not even evils that are known to work after endured. We have had a comfortable ride this last year, and whatever we choose now will not only be a long-shot that it buys any time, but be yet another band-aid - a not-so-comfy band-aid as any chemo will likely be harsh this time, or some type of surgery is required in addition to the treatment, or a permanent fixture bore into his skull is needed, again. There are a couple of "Phase II" options that at least are not in the
experimental stages, but there is no track record of success. Then there are the "Phase I" treatments that are not even accepting patients yet, so anybody's guess as to what subjecting him to it could do. We just have to believe that the science behind it looks promising. So, we are basically preparing to throw a Hail Mary with no time on the clock knowing that there are no receivers in the end zone. So, our only gain is the time the ball is in the air. Just praying that somebody's got a good arm so they can throw it really high and really far. The 8+ inches of snow we got yesterday has been a great distraction for us (as long as I keep my mind on the sunny side and out of dark corners), and it has allowed Vic to work from home so that we can hammer on some of the information. Our cover school, Life Christian Academy in Harvest, is hosting a pancake breakfast for us and our new non-prof group Team Victory 4 All. If you are in the area, be sure to join us for Saturday morning breakfast. It is open from 8-11, located at Wall Triana and Nick Davis Road, in Harvest, AL.

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