Friday, January 16, 2015

Signing the papers for Team Victory 4 All!
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"No chemo fa you!" Today reminds me of one of the best "Seinfeld" episodes, "Soup Nazi" - absolute classic Elaine in that episode. Anyway, Eli was unable to receive chemo today due to his hemoglobin and platelets being too low according to his protocol. So, he had a blood transfusion (no platelets, thankfully, he usually has an allergic reaction) today instead. They delayed chemo a week. I hate it, hate it. With this monster, I just really don't want to let up. You just have to keep pounding and pounding and holding it down, but this little fighter is battle-worn and it is showing. He seems pretty good, though, really. I didn't have any reason to suspect anything, except that his nose was bleeding, but not running bleeding and the air is so dry with the heat turned up (yes, I have a humidifier, and I have oils... do I have any of it running? no). He is eating good, and playing at his usual speed, so nothing remarkable to indicate his body was struggling. At his last chemo day, he was at the minimum, absolute
Our first donation!
 minimum for receiving chemo, so obviously his numbers would go down from there. So, struggling a bit chemically. So, that aside, we have had a big week! I think it is big anyway. We are officially official! We signed the papers to register as a non-profit organization on Thursday, so we can grow our efforts and put some organization into our efforts to give back to our community and raise money for St. Jude and support childhood cancer victims. "Team Victory 4 All" is open for business! So, when you are making your budget for monthly charity giving, we are ready to accept those big checks that you want to write wink emoticon We, of course, are in our infancy and have some start-up and set-up costs, but we are on course to do good things for our community and for childhood cancer. Three and a half years ago, I didn't even know that children could get cancer. Then the sky fell and I had a thunderous wake-up call that I continue to hear and feel every day. We depend on hope to survive those days, but hope without action, big or small in some way, is just day-dreaming. So, I am prayerful that, first, Eli continues to do well, so that we can get this thing going good, and secondly, that we are able to grow it and be a blessing to our community and do our part to further the mission of St. Jude. We have a super slick website in the works. SAIC, a large engineering and IT solutions firm has taken us on as a team-building project for its some of its employees, so that is exciting knowing that some of the best in the field are taking care of us. We also have our events taking shape on the drawing board and something cooking for each one of them now. I'm sharing a picture of the other board members signing the papers with Eli looking on. I am so grateful to these ladies for their willingness to donate their time, energy and brains to this effort and for sharing in the vision. Board members are Wendy Sharp Yeager, Sharma Hamm, Jennifer Griffis Fortenberry. Please, say a prayer for us that we are able to be productive and successful in our mission. We have a FB page, but not much to put on it right now, but if you want to go ahead and join, it is you can watch for updates about our growth and development and to learn more about what you can do. I would not have the confidence to take on something like this without you, and the support that you have given us these last three years. So, I hope that you are able to feel some ownership to what we are doing. Be sure to check out my youtube channel and watch "Eli The Eliminator: Round 2 (Part I and Part II are up). There should be a link on the side panel of the home page. Please, add Leah to your prayers tonight. She is a teen fighter that we are in clinic with some and is from our county. She was running a fever today and they admitted her and moved her to intensive care to get control of her numbers and watch her.

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