Friday, January 30, 2015

Getting a chest x-ray
Eli had his regular bloodwork check today, but he is not feeling well at all. He has a horrible cough (and all the juicy, chunky congestion that goes with it), which has kept him from sleeping, and all the congestion in his body is giving him belly problems. He will not eat a bite of anything, and we are really having to push him to drink anything. They gave him IV fluids at the clinic today, and took an x-ray of his chest. It was clear, and he has not run a fever. His port had trouble clotting today, too. He fell asleep in the car on the way home, and after one quick stop, by the time we did get home, that quarter of his shirt was soaked in blood. I had no idea it was bleeding, and he was asleep. A nurse form the ER was training and did it first today. She didn't do something right, and one of the regulars had to fix it, so I don't know if maybe that extra
 "attention" to the port caused a problem. All good nurses trained somewhere on somebody, so I just
Working with glitter - yay.
 keep telling myself that. The bleeding went on for a while after we discovered it, I think it has finally stopped, it is at least not coming through the dressing any more and I don't want to disturb it to look. He has been really weepy all day. Anyway, next week will be the mid-dose of cycle 14, the last shot before scans, so please extra prayers that he get over this. Thankfully, he is not neutropenic. His blood pressure was a little high, and it has been the last couple of times, so I hate to see that. But, otherwise, he should be able to fight this off, it just might take him longer than some. (Update: Eli starting running a fever, so Vic had to take him to the hospital. They will start an antibiotic just in case something is in his line, and do some bloodwork check.)

We have our first big event with Team Victory 4 All scheduled - Eli's car show of course! We really wanted to build on last year's car show, and honor a St. Jude patient each year. So, make plans to drive whatever you've got from wherever you are to be part of Champion Chevrolet's Eli's Block Party in honor of (a St. Jude patient to be determined.) It is April 18, 9-3, at Lindsay Lane Baptist Church, so mark it. If you are a member of a car club within a couple of hours of us, Eli and I would love the opportunity to share some thoughts about childhood cancer and extend a personal invitation to be a part of his show. PM me. We are working at creating a show that has something for everybody. We are going to begin looking for more sponsors, and vendors, so if you are interested, PM me. If you have a responsible group (an older teen group, or senior citizen group, or a business looking for a team-building project) interested in running a booth for which I already have the supplies, please message me. We are all very excited to grow this event, something that Eli really enjoys and it just has so much of him in it, or he is what drives it smile emoticon This is Eli getting a chest x-ray today.

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