Sunday, January 25, 2015

Eli getting his port x-rayed. Just making sure it was working
right. He's had a couple of weird instances where is face would
flush when he lays down flat.
Chemo went fine on Friday for Eli, after being delayed a week due to low labs. It’s the beginning of cycle 14. Technically, cycle 15 will be dependent on Eli’s MRI in February because it falls on the calendar after Memphis. So, in the back of my mind, I’m wondering if 15 will happen for whatever reason. Just the extreme thought process that goes on as “scanxiety” begins to grab hold. With the labs skirting the edge of minimum for chemo, having to delay a couple of times now, his blood pressure has been a little higher than normal a few times, in the back of my mind I’m worried that this may be the beginning of the end of chemo.

Abbey and Caleb are fighting bothersome colds, but Eli doesn’t seem to have any more of a runny nose than usual. We had a busy week, finding out that Abbey is allergic to catfish of all things in the
It was Star Wars night at the hockey game.
 world! No other fish, just catfish. She loves grilled catfish, and I could not believe that I have one kid that would eat one thing healthy, and that is the exact thing that she is allergic to. Just further proof that we are genetically allergic to healthy food, so why do I fight it so. She was upset and a little scared about it, but I reminded her that thankfully it wasn’t corn, or soy, or peanuts. It’s not like people are walking around snacking on catfish, or like everything else is made out of it or cooked in it. And, when we go fishing, we only catch the tiniest blue gill in the lake, so I don’t think she is in a lot of danger. Still, we will be prepared, we are armed with benedryl and an epi-pen, and we will learn to ask questions when any kind of fish is on the menu. My legs are bruised from the kids practicing with the dummy epi-pen. We continue to be
Yep, that's catfish on her left arm lighting up.
 blessed, and it will open up yet ANOTHER world for us to learn about, and to grow a sympathy for.

Thank you for your continued prayers, for your persistency during this time when we appear to be in a “lull”. For some reason, a “lull” makes me feel like a sitting duck, or kind of like the calm before the storm, or maybe like we are in the “eye” of a storm. Anyway, thank you for always remembering us. There is a new St. Jude patient in our community, so prayers for that family as they begin their journey, and for them to feel the comfort and protection of their loving God. I am so thankful to have St. Jude here. Also, I will be taking pull-tabs in February for some people, so if you have a school or business that collects, I will set up a time for people to drop them off closer to our trip. Thank y’ll for everything that you do.

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