Tuesday, December 30, 2014

We continue our efforts to slowly assimilate back into the house. It is a two-steps-forward-one back kind of dance as we balance our “normal” (which comparably to most is “chaos”) with the extra of holidays and the mess of slowly moving things over and finding a place in the house. But, we are thrilled and most excited about our moving item today… the Mustang pinball machine! We are (I am) trying to take advantage of Vic being off all week and getting some things done that either only he can do, or he can do better, or he can do more easily than me. And the pinball machine was at the top, and was pretty much the only item, of the honey-do list. We have been waiting so long to have a place for it (with the pipe bursting last winter and taking until the end of summer to fix, and moving and and staying out to see if the house would sell). Vic got it put together and we brought in some muscle to help get it moved into place. It’s been fun to hear it crank up throughout the day as someone goes into the Mustang Room/Game Room/Project Room/Homeschool Room/Computer Room/Everything Room to play it. Next will be to display all of Eli’s very cool Mustang posters and pictures, and some of the special diecast and other items. If you have been to our house, you know how blank it is. I have trouble with decor commitment. Even after 10 years, I do not have any picture/portraits of the kids up yet. But, we will have Mustangs
hanging up! After we recover from Christmas, I hope to get some things framed, shelving, and maybe like a little ice cream table and a couple of chairs for in there, just something to hang out on. It’s a small room (a formal living room/study, really, is what it is), so we’ll see what it and our budget can hold. It is also kind of our school room, where we will keep all of our homeschool stuff, and I plan to display the kids’ projects and art in there. With the two homeschooling, especially and mostly Eli, he doesn’t get the fun of a displaying a project for others to see. So, I really want a way for him to kind of do that. Anyway, we have had a fun day getting the machine in, and getting the house cleaned up and more in order.
 Thanks to Dave and Duke for bringing the muscle to the party. The machine is so cool, and Eli has a couple of Mustangs to change out the centerpiece for fun. It is definitely a unique and fun thing to have in the house and we are so grateful to members of the UAW Local 3000 at the Flat Rock Assembly plant in Dearborn, Michigan, for thinking of Eli and making such a beautiful effort for him to have it. It is special, but the drive behind it is precious to us, and I hope that Joe, or someone of that organization, makes sure that everyone there knows how much we so genuinely appreciate the attention given to our son who shares their pride for their product. Please, share our thanks to everyone.

As 2014 ends, I want to be eager and excited for the new year, but I can’t help but be a little afraid of 2015. If 2014 wasn’t it, then 2015 must be. It is very wearing to keep your mind from going into
 those dark corners all the time, to keep your brain reined in. I remember last year, how painful it was to see 2013 go because of what 2014 held for us - more cancer at it’s most lethal level. Yet, 2014 will be one of the most precious years in our family’s memories. So, I’m trying not to judge a year by the unknown and pray that our journey through 2015 stay the course. We begin our third year as “active” members of the pediatric cancer community. Now seasoned and settled, it is a way of life. It is our normal to operate daily and routinely at high levels of stress, and for decisions and considerations to be made from a perspective others can’t fathom without the personal experience. Though I do wish each of
 you could see as clearly as I do now, and feel the depth of appreciation as I do now, my prayer is that you escape such awakening and live joyful, peaceful, comfortable days for the whole of 2015. We are humbled by your support in all ways, and indebted to you for your diligent efforts in prayer to the Great Physician for Eli’s earthly healing. May He heal us all spiritually, so that we all enjoy our heavenly inheritance one day. God bless you in 2015.

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