Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Eli and his family! I have been gone from home since Sunday. Caleb started running a fever during the night Saturday, and I was able to get him to a doctor Sunday to find out that he had the flu. Since Vic fell on the sword last time, I took it this time and he and I have been quarantined back at my mom's place until tonight. He had a rough reaction to the tamiflu, so I finished part of it hoping it might protect me and not draw this out. I felt like I had something Monday, but it was mild (might have been paranoia), so I am praying that we were not premature in coming home. Caleb hasn't had a temp, but he has a cough still. Of all the kids, he is the best at covering his mouth.
 He was only three when Eli was first diagnosed, so he has grown up with me preaching to him about germs. A little PSA: Please, stay home when you are sick or getting sick. Keep your kids home when they are sick or are getting sick. People freak out because these viruses are so rampant, well, it's because nobody stays home when they are sick any more, then they wonder why it's "so bad out there." I'll save the higher step on my soap box for my personal page, but please, be considerate and put others first. We are home tonight for Santa in the morning, so pray that we have a good night. Vic and I briefly (among the excitement in the house for Christmas Eve: our Secret Santa exchanges, cookie baking, muffin baking, tracking Santa, cleaning the house - What? Santa only comes if the house is clean, right?)
 reflected on what, one year ago, we envisioned this holiday to be like for us this year. I just really can't explain what it is to know that the path we were on was altered. To feel the comforting control of our Creator's hand as He has listened to your persistent petitions on Eli's behalf. What a precious gift you give us each day with your prayers which has translated into precious time for our family. I, personally, sincerely hope that each of you will have joy and peace this season. In the picture is Eli with his ornament for this year. I have the kids pick out an ornament each year, whatever they want, not necessarily what looks great or goes with the theme - our only theme right now is unbreakable ornaments, what the kids have picked out in the past, and school-made ornaments. What better ornament for him this year than a 2013 Mustang Boss 302. That is his favorite Mustang, and I couldn't believe it was an ornament. My posts will be light for a while unless something happens. I'm trying to put together a little slideshow for you all of how wonderful 2014 has been for us. I don't know how to use the software, so it is taking a while, plus, we have done so much. Vic is off, so we plan to do a couple of family things and we want to finish moving back home. Merry Christmas and prayers for each of you, dear friends, and heartfelt thanks for all that you do.

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