Friday, November 28, 2014

Gaming with Betts. If it is in the shape of a block,
really, is there anything else one can do but build.
Thursday morning, Caleb got up and said that he wasn’t going “to do Thanksgiving today.” I had already made plans to stay in town and help with a local group’s efforts to deliver food to some families, and to visit my mom at her home in an assisted living dementia facility, and maybe even just leisurely, and with no agenda visit and walk around Wal-mart or wherever else that might be open before going to my aunt’s house for a Thanksgiving dinner. So, he had decided that he would not “do Thanksgiving” and wanted to stay with me. Sure, I would love to spend the holiday with him, but I was most certainly, and most eagerly “doing Thanksgiving.” He said, “Well, ok, I want to stay with you, but I just don’t understand what I’m suppose to DO on Thanksgiving, I don’t know what it is.” So, I took him with me, and we had a great day, one of my favorite
The kids all spread out.
Thanksgivings ever. He was his usual fun self, and is very good when we go places. He talks and listens, too. I wanted the day to be both fun and meaningful for him, so I added to our Wal-mart trip to shop for Eli’s Birthday present (very hard to look at Legos with someone else in mind) and to buy pecan pies for he and I to deliver to the local fire stations. I wanted him to be giving on that day, but I also needed it to be something interesting so that he would remember it and want to continue to do something similar on Thanksgiving - I wanted him to know what “to do”. So, I explained about working on holidays, and we took the pies and he told them thank you for working on that day. For lunch, I ordered Cracker Barrel to-go for me (I was shocked at how busy it was. People were parked on any grassy spot they could pull up on, and it was standing-still room only in the
Had no idea there was a Station No. 3. Good to know!
 store), and he wanted his usual PBJ and strawberries on the side at home. We watched part of a movie, played some, visited Mom, then hit my aunt’s house to wrap up the day. I did try to catch some Black Friday Legos at Target, but they were already out by the time I got there at almost 2100 hours. Not a big deal, we make sure our list for Santa has choices.

At this time last year, we enjoyed Thanksgiving oblivious to the sky bearing down on us. We did not learn of Eli’s relapse until December 5, just two days after his birthday, so Thanksgiving last year was a breeze emotionally. I miss naivety, inexperience, ignorance, obliviousness, and even shallowness. I slept so much easier and was so much better at those things. And, to think I’m not those things any more shows that I am still those
Thank You to Suzanne at Suzanne's Bakery for helping us share
our thanks with the kids at the affiliate by donating cupcakes, and
to give the nurses and staff a big thank you for all they do by
donating a strawberry pretzel salad that apparently was
popular in the break room. Suzanne is always so good to support
Childhood Cancer fighters, so go by and tell her thank you.
things. Weird. We are immeasurably thankful this year, at this time and for every minute forward for the attention and care of our Creator. Thanksgiving is not a religious holiday the way it is recognized today. It is really just an official opportunity to pause and remember the things that went right the past year. But to the pilgrims, it was an effort to collectively give thanks to God for an overflowing harvest. The pilgrims had had a horrible couple of years trying to survive and establish a viable community, but finally that big harvest came in after they learned to and were willing to work. So, they celebrated their haul and gave thanks to God - after all, He was the whole reason they were even in America. That part is usually looked over a bit so that everyone can enjoy a Day of Thanksgiving. This is one day that it doesn’t matter your religion, lack of religion, your political views, your economical or social status, or what football team you cheer for, we can all find something for which to be thankful.

We kicked off our Thanksgiving weekend by being thankful
for moving back into our house. We celebrated by giving
ourselves a Welcome Home gift... not that one.
Appropriately on the heels of Thanksgiving is Eli’s birthday. He was born on 12-03-04 (1234, which is a date that we chose since his delivery was a planned inducement). So, he will be 10, and you can not imagine the fullness of my heart to enjoy this birthday. I have been so afraid of this day, and am in humble awe that it is here and we will enjoy it with a depth of appreciation that I wish no one else ever had to know. So, I wanted to celebrate with all of you here because you are the reason that day is not a dread. You have persistently petitioned our Creator on Eli’s behalf; you have supported us in all ways, and paid special attention to Eli that has aided in his healing. So, I wanted to do something that Eli thought was cool, since it is his birthday, but that didn’t cost anybody any money, or take too much time.

So, after much thought and consideration and just plain mulling, I am officially announcing the kick-off of Eli’s Transformer Birthday Challenge.

FIRST, please, sign and share this petition asking Ford to create a shade of blue called “Eli Blue” to offer as a Mustang color and give a portion of the sale of cars in that color to Team Victory 4 All (our new non-profit that will hopefully be official before the end of the year).

SECOND, consider this to be your official “call-out,” your official “challenge” to Create a Transformer! Even though in my video I only challenge a handful just to give an example of a video, this challenge and request is for each of you! This is your challenge to create a Transformer for Team Victory 4 All! For those that might not know, a Transformer changes from a robot to a car and protects humans and earth, but it's your creation, so use your own imagination and creativity.

So, here are the simple how-to’s:
1. Create and draw your transformer (it doesn’t have to be an Eli or even anything about anything he likes, tailor it to your creativity)
2. Write on the paper the name of the Transformer and “Team Victory 4 All.”
3. Share your creation through a (short and quick) video recording and include that it is to Transform Childhood Cancer; include any other details that you have attached to your Transformer.
4. Challenge 4 or more friends to do the same and warn them in the video that if they ignore the challenge and have not posted within 53 hours, they must pay St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital 10 million dollars (one million for each of Eli’s birthdays).

Successfully completed, this effort is simply to raise awareness for Childhood Cancer; to have fun and be creative (doesn’t have to be elaborate or take a lot of time); and to tell Eli Happy Birthday by
The kids digging for dinosaur bones.
 showing him cool Transformers. Each of you have been challenged, so, in 53 hours, there should be about 3k videos being passed around of Transformers. Please, post to your personal page, THEN SHARE it on Eli’s page. You all are so wonderful, and such a blessing to us. I hope you have fun doing this. Please, don’t send Eli any gifts, he has more than he needs. Cards would be wonderful, as he does like to get mail (107 S. Marion Street, Athens, AL 35611), but he will enjoy seeing all of your Transformers, too. And, don’t forget to sign and pass around the petition. I will be sending an email to Ford to let them know it is circulating.

Eli had a lab check on Wednesday. His platelets were the lowest they’ve been, I think, but hopefully by Friday, he will be ready to wrap up this round of chemo and another month is in the books. We are slowly getting moved back over to the house, and the kids are having fun spreading out. The
Eli loves making a Christmas list. He has got
it numbered and ready to fill in.
 even-numbered kids were out of school all week, but the odd-numbered kids were made to have school on Monday and Tuesday. They have such a heartless teacher. Anticipating all the kids being home, but wishing to get in a couple more days of school, I had chosen a little experiment kit that they could all do together and would be interested in even without school. So, they dug for dinosaurs bones and painted a volcano, but the girls also babysat and learned life skills like laundry and meal preparation (both of which were really just review).

Picking out our tree. We started getting our tree from Lowe's
years ago because we would get a $10 coupon for something
there in the mail about this time of year. We don't get the
coupon any more and now the kids expect it as our tradition.
And, I want to give out a big WAR EAGLE for the Iron Bowl - win or lose, it's great to be an Auburn Tiger! I am so excited about Christmas this year. I just love Christmas and, with us being in the house to enjoy it, and again, I had been so afraid of it this year (we will deal with next year another time), so I am just soaking up every minute of fun from preparation for it. If you have the blessings of enjoying an emotionally light holiday, please remember those that are hurting during this time, and all of those parents and siblings who are eking out every last second, and for those that are bracing to just get through the month.

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