Friday, October 24, 2014

Eli has had a low-energy week, and just hasn’t seemed to feel super. He hasn’t complained of anything specific, but it has been harder than usual to get him to eat, even just a few bites of something each day, and to drink much at all. Since it was the top of a cycle, he had the five-day oral meds early this week, so a little more sickness than usual, so maybe he was just fighting that. When we came in for a lab check today, as I expected from monitoring him all week, he is getting a blood transfusion and some fluid. It will perk him up, but his ANC - the measurement of his immune system - is pretty low. So, not going to be around crowds if we can help it much, lots of yucky stuff out there and people just don’t stay home when they need to. And, even just innocently, someone can be a carrier and feel fine themselves, but just standing “down-breath” of people freaks me out a little. His body is having a hard time recovering when it is not fighting regular ole viruses, much less if it has to fight that, too. His little body is just starting to
 weaken in general. It’s been strong for so long, endured so much over the last three years, I’m afraid it’s going to say “enough” pretty soon. Yes, almost three years! Can you believe it. Eli was originally diagnosed on December 28, 2011, but began struggling with symptoms in October of 2011.

Unbelievably, I did not have very many pictures from anything
we've done lately. So, I reached back and thought I'd share this
picture from our first beach trip with the kids ever in 2009.
I am excited to deliver all the halloween costumes to St. Jude in Memphis on Monday. I am taking a small group to Memphis to tour St. Jude and Target House and deliver the costumes. Cross your fingers that it goes smoothly, and that if Eli continues to do well, I will do it again in January.

I am bothered by a comment that I saw in another forum. Traditionally, I try to keep FB posts kind of vanilla, and save my stronger thoughts for my blog (at least I tell myself that I do), but I feel the need to “go here.” I am technically not a “member” of this forum, so I keep my thoughts to myself (except for one time that I could not resist a few weeks ago, but otherwise, I have not commented on anything). It is for grieving parents who have lost children to cancer, and it is closed and private. I requested to join so that I might just listen and learn. It’s a “safe” place for these parents to share their thoughts and continue to brag on their children whose timelines on earth have ended. It seems - from other comments posted from these parents - that their own friends who follow their personal pages have gotten tired of hearing about and seeing pictures of the child that has passed and do not understand why they don’t just “move on.” So, this is a wonderful outlet, a great place for these parents to share the spectrum of their feelings with others who can relate. Social media, like just about anything, can be used for good or bad, and I am thankful for the good that does come from it.

This forum is not a religious forum. An angry, grieving father posted this: “Don’t pray for me. I hate your God for taking my daughter.” I was so sad for him, for more than one reason, but I know that he is blinded by his grief and his ignorance of what is documented in the Bible. And, maybe he (and others that feel the same way) don’t believe in the Bible. So, if that is true, (first, it would seem contradictory to hate something that you don’t believe in. If he hates God and believes God has taken some action on earth, then he must believe in Him. Why not learn all you can about something you believe in. If he studied the thing that he believes in whether he hates it or not, he would be lead to the truth and Light would reveal Darkness) then that’s another conversation that needs resolving first. And, I did pray for him, by the way. But, why can’t Satan get credit for his own handiwork? The father of all lies is able to not only cover his tracks, but cast the blame to the Giver of Life. Clearly, the horrors of this world are inflicted by the Satan - evil begets evil - and it is our Creator that provides the escape from this world. It was the God he hates that welcomed her into his arms for rest and protection from the Darkness that victimized her on earth. God saved his daughter, He did not take her. If anyone that reads this blog is struggling to see the wolf under the wool, please, please, private message me (vicandkristie @ and I will put you in contact with someone who would be a better study partner than me. My heart is sincerely heavy for anyone that can not see through Satan’s lies, feel God’s love, and understand our spiritual inheritance.

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