Friday, October 10, 2014

At the Superhero show.
We seemingly continue to have fairly normal days. Although, Eli’s chemistries seem to still be making a slow recovery even after skipping the mid-cycle treatment. He has a thick and juicy cough, and junky nose, so his body is working over time to recover and fight that. But he seems to feel pretty decent with his normal low-energy persona. We had our school’s fall festival tonight, and I’m working a couple of shifts, and taking the kids, but he is opting to skip to hang with his daddy and play video games at home tonight, becoming less and less social. That is fairly normal for some cancer kids as they have been removed from normal kid activities during so many months for treatments, and even years, of their young lives, so it makes it hard to integrate after that absence. For Eli, especially, it can be hard to keep up cognitively and physically with other kids or to participate at the same levels, so it is easier and less stressful to just not. But, he is already a shy little guy, and not naturally charismatic, so voluntarily opting out from a social environment doesn’t help. Yet, with so much sickness going around, and his counts being so low, and his body obviously struggling and fighting to recover with this cough, we really don’t need him to go.
Hanging out at the clinic waiting.
Last weekend, he did get to go to a Marvel Superhero show thanks to an anonymous someone who gave him tickets, and he took his daddy and Hg. I stayed home with the other two. We only have this one picture because Vic was in charge of pictures. Before we had kids, he took tons of pictures of flowers and birds and scenery that bored me to death, when we were places. But now that he has kids, I MIGHT get one if I ask for it.

Another fun thing that we did this week is take possession of the pinball machine given to him by the members of the workers at the Flat Rock Assembly plant in Michigan. It was the first one off the line of a limited edition 50th anniversary Mustang pinball machine that Ford had built in celebration of the Mustang’s 50 birthday. A pinball place in Birmingham had been storing it for us until we were more settled and hopefully in a new house. But, that is looking less and less like it will happen, so they and we were ready to go ahead and get it. We are going to leave it packed nicely for a little while just to make sure we aren’t going somewhere new. It was late when Vic got back, but Eli was excited to finally have possession of it and just put his shoes on with his PJs and went to see us unload it.
Eli with the pinball machine.
We will continue to collect halloween costumes to be taken to Target House at St. Jude until October 20. I am excited to take my first (guinea pig) group to Memphis to tour the hospital and Target House and donate the costumes. If it goes well, and Eli’s scans continue to be good and spread out, I will take other groups periodically.

I am also so excited about something that I am going to prematurely announce it just so you will know why my posts are few and far between …. and because I am so excited! We are finally, finally moving forward with establishing a non-profit group. I had started to pursue it just before we learned that Eli had relapsed, then I had to drop it. So, I am prayerfully hopeful that, first, things with him continue to go well (for more than this reason), and secondly, that this effort grow and is productive and useful. The paperwork is in the works, and we will begin to
 raise money to cover our start-up costs. Our mission is to directly donate to pediatric cancer research and to raise funding through quality community events. This will satisfy our desire to touch the crux of pediatric cancer and to give back to a community that has been so wonderful to support us in our journey. I also hope to maintain a stash to cover funeral costs for any child lost to cancer in Limestone County, for now, and I hope it will never be used. Our first two fundraisers on the drawing board and a third is in the vision stages. I hope to have our identity polished and ready to launch soon. So, my plate is overwhelmed, yet my cup “over-floweth.” Every day is weighty, but we living in the eye of the storm right now and are blessed.

Eli will have chemo a little early next week, assuming that his numbers are good for it. The Huntsville nurses will be gone at the end of the week for some training, but it works out since it’s been a while from missing the mid-cyle. We are hopeful to make a local Mustang show tomorrow hosted by our fav Ford dealership, McClary Ford, and our fav local club, Limestone County Mustang Club of America, in Athens, but I think rain is on the way. Then the kids are dying to get pumpkins.
Eli has a tooth bothering him. I'd like to pull it (hee, hee),
but I'm afraid that with his platelets low, it might bleed a lot.
The adult tooth has grown in behind it as it did with the other one.
 I’m so bad to let that kind of thing sneak up on me and Vic never wants to spend the money on them b/c they each want to pick out one (that’s four pumpkins. The orchard asked us last time if we were with a festival and needed a discount. “umm, yes, The Williams Family Festival.”) The kids love it, and I just can’t keep that kind of thing in my head, so I don’t want to miss picking some out this year… AND this mama has some War Eagle-ing to do tomorrow! I hope to watch the game real-time, but I may have to record it (or tape it as I still say even though we do not use video tape any more).

Please, remember Baylee, Grant, and Derrick. Also, I am mindful of Smilin’ Jack’s family. Those of you that have been around for a while will remember him. His family is in Japan and they are awaiting a direct hit of a powerful Typhoon.

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