Sunday, September 7, 2014

My heart is heavy and in pieces for Brayden and his family. He crossed the victory line early Friday morning, about 3 a.m.There will be a celebration of life at the Buford Church of Christ, in Buford, GA. They have a go fund me page to help with funeral arrangements if you would like o participated. Search for Brayden Martin on the go fund me site.

The 2015 Mustang was in town this weekend and we got to all see it this time. I’ve reserved my full opinion on it until I saw it in person, and I do really like it, not necessarily more than the out-going model, but it is really cool and the change is exciting. It is sleeker than what I think of an American Muscle car being, but it is quite awesome. It was on loan from Michigan and I’m assuming that our new friends at Flat Rock
 Assembly Plant in Dearborn, MI, had a hand in its making. (I know I have said this before, surely, but what a trip of a life-time that was. We still enjoy talking about our memories from it, snow and all). The GT was at a car show at Woody Anderson Ford in Huntsville, and we were able to see some Mustang club friends as well.

Eli had chemo on Friday, the end of cycle nine. Unbelievably, he got a full dose because his lab numbers were good. Not very often has he had a full dose at the top and mid-point (which is actually the end of a cycle. A cycle for him is 28 days. So, he has chemo on Day 1 and Day 15. I always say Day 15 is middle, but actually it is the bottom because he only gets it twice in a cycle. So, technically, there is no middle.), so that is a pretty big hit. But, he has been doing pretty good so far with it, and his eating has been… I’ll say, not his worst. We were both just worn slap out Friday after clinic. I had pulled some very late
 nights all in a row doing Superhero Day stuff (surely by now, I’ve mentioned Superhero Day on the 13th in recognition of Childhood Cancer month and to raise money for research), writing, and catching up on email replies, and working on other things that I am responsible for (I have a new rule for myself during homeschool day that I only do homeschool stuff on the computer, so other things I am involved with have to wait until the night time. So, I go to bed about 230 hours each night, then get the others to school. I had done that every night last week and by Friday, I needed to catch up on sleep.) So, Friday when we got home, I was so tired and just brain-dead. Vic is on this kick where he thinks eating out less will save us money, but it only makes us go to the grocery store more often and buy more food than usual to have at home so that we can eat at home. And, many times it is not time efficient, so it costs time, which sometimes is more expensive than
money. But, if it settles his brain, then it’s worth it to all of us. So, he makes the call that we only eat out once this weekend. I know that Saturday we are going to be out and it would be more convenient to eat out on Saturday. And, to me to spend gas to come all the way home just for the sake to eat at home when we could just eat while we are out, just does not make sense. What it costs us in gas to stop what we are doing and come home is enough to pay for Firehouse (our new Fav, except for the boys). Or if we can’t leave home until after lunch, that does not leave us enough time to do whatever it is that we want to do. But I needed my brain and body to veg-out on Friday after sitting at clinic all day. And, granted, we are just talking about boiling plain noodles, and making a PBJ for Caleb, so dinner here is no slaving over the smooth-top. But, I just didn’t feel like serving or battling the kids about food. I just wanted to enjoy a Friday evening. Nevertheless,
 saving the $30 was top on Vic’s to-do list. Just after he said we would stay home for dinner, the power went out. The kids and I were so excited, and I thought well, we’ll just deal with tomorrow, tomorrow. So, we love Cracker Barrel and pretty much everybody can get something there - plus we love the biscuits. While we were eating, the waitress told us that someone in the restaurant had paid for our meal. How awesome was that! I’m pretty sure I know who it was because we saw a couple of families we know eating there, but what a blessing our friends are, and the families of our kids’ friends are.

We tried to visit a World War II ship on Sunday that is at a nearby harbor for tourist visits. There were thousands of people there. We had to skip it, but plan to go back.
Eli is the only one that knows what to do when I say, "I need
a picture." He knows the faster you do it, the faster it is done.

We are getting our Superhero costumes ready for this weekend. I am overwhelmed with its preparation. I hope you local people can come. There was a Hulk truck at the car show. I asked him to come. He was pretty rough looking and acting, and when I asked him to come, he kind of smirked. He said, he would be glad to because of the cause. Then he laughed and said, “the only reason I come to these things is to piss off these guys (the fancy show cars). This is a work truck, I drive it every day for my job. It’s just fun to see these guys’ faces when I drive up with it.” Nice guy.

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