Sunday, August 3, 2014

Eli has had a surprisingly decent weekend, the same stuff - low energy, minimal eating. I'm sorry that I have not updated much. I having been working on a post for the blog, and it is taking me forever (because of the homeschooling, other school, getting ready for childhood cancer month, oh, and laundry), so I thought I wouldn't wait any longer until it is done to check in. (I have another blog that I am so desperate to write but it is about something so beautiful that it intimidates me to begin to write it because I will never do the gesture or thought justice, but I am eager to share it with you. I'll gather my nerve) Eli is about the same, but his numbers on Friday were just above the need for any blood or platelets, so he didn't have to do any infusion. Yay, although he was kind of blah at times. He is still having some nosebleeds, but not bad. I'm hoping his numbers are on the up-slope as we approach mid-cycle chemo on Friday. I am feeling the weight of Eli's summer coming to an end and trying to stay focused on the present and what is in front of me. i have to remember that we are now on gifted time. Likely, without this current treatment plan working how it is, we would not have him. So, I am trying to just appreciate what I have and not think about next summer.
Here are my school schoolers. They are a
pair, let me tell ya. Caleb was excited to have a
kindergarten supply list.
Anyway, so two days left before the others start back, and I hope to get in a couple more summer bucket list items. We have done a couple of fun things, that I will share in the blog when I ever get it done, but until then, I wanted to share this picture. A friend of a friend ran in the half-marathon that was held in celebration of Mustang's 50th birthday at Vegas. She sent Eli her Mustang medal and a t-shirt from the event. He was very excited to get it and display it, and it was very special for her to think of him. My heart is heavy due to news that Brayden is at home on hospice care. His cancer had progressed aggressively. As a refresher, Brayden was on a St. Jude protocol for relapse that we were hopeful about. I am just so sad for this young mother. Please, continue to pray for her, and his little brother.

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