Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I wanted to give a quick update just to catch blog peeps up with the FB peeps. Eli has been a bit sick from a cold virus that led to an ear infection. He has had extreme congestion and fatigue as well. He ran a mild fever, thankfully, not enough to put him in the hospital, and it was short lived. But, he has continued to have nausea, congestion and fatigue (and occasional diarrhea probably due to the congestion and the chemo) for several days and pain in his ear. Since he was still on his five-day oral chemo, that complicated symptoms and treatment. I took him in to the clinic Monday and his blood sugar was extremely low (54), because it has been worse than pulling teeth (and I have pulled teeth) to get him to take nibbles and sips. I pushed him on the eating and getting up from the couch yesterday because he seemed a little better - when I say “pushed” I mean that I was able to get him to eat four peanut butter crackers and drink 6 ounces of juice all day, and take a
 shower. He asked to play in the shower, so I thought he must feel better and I let him. But, it was too much, and I think the heat from the shower increases his body temp and makes him feel sick, so he ultimately puked up everything we had worked so hard to get down him (and had already had diarrhea). You know he doesn’t feel well if he won’t eat a milkshake and fries that our fairy godmother Melissa brought him. I went to the store to get some juice and gatorade and grabbed a pack of pb crackers that he use to like as I was checking out. He loved them and at the whole pack before he had to stop eating at 7 because he had his last dose of chemo last night for this cycle. Phew! But, he is struggling again today with the same crackers, and I stopped the homemade juice because he just wouldn’t drink it. So, he is eating shelf juice and packaged crackers - that’s a fight for another day. He felt a little better this morning and I was able to get him to get dressed and play in the floor for about 10 minutes, but his belly started hurting, so he got back in the chair. We have plans to go to Chattanooga for the weekend, and he has a clinic appointment tomorrow. So, I hope he feels well enough to go. We have a wheelchair lined up for when his energy is low. A bright spot is
He loves his Bruder.
 that his ANC is really high because of his body’s natural desire to fight infection, and his platelets had come up. Thank you for the prayers!

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