Friday, July 25, 2014

Eli has had a good week considering. He seems much better and is eating without being prompted ... much. We are beginning the top of a cycle today. His chemistries (ANC, platelets, blood) are all low, but acceptable to get the full dose at the beginning of a cycle. By the end of this week, he will take a big dip in all of those bc of this hit of chemo, so we really need him to stay well so his body can recover and rebound. When he doesn't get good rest, and catches these stinky little colds that blow up into stubborn ear infections, there is a chain reaction that eventually leads to his body not recovering so chemo is compromised, therefore cancer fighting is compromised. So, please pray that we all stay well and limit our activities. Eli's next scan is August 18 and I really hope to make it to that scan full-dosing it all the way (I'll not temp fate and say what I
really wish for at this next scan) Not surprisingly, we didn't get school started this week. That went about how I would expect. So, a goal for next week We took a short trip to Nashville yesterday for Hg to see a pediatric joint specialist at Vandy and do some bloodwork. We think it's going to be fine and that she just needs physical therapy to loosen her up and take some load off her tendons and joints. Anyway, we love to go to the Rainforest Cafe and the Lego store at Opry Mills. So Eli (and Caleb) had a new Lego set to work on while at chemo today.

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