Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Eli at camp for arts and crafts. He loves arts and crafts.
Eli is feeling a bit better. We go tomorrow to make sure that his ear is improving. He still has a yucky cough, but I can tell he is better and he is eating a little more…. little. We added the appetite stimulant Marinol, and he has been on it since Friday, so not a lot of improvement, but we will run it a little while longer to make sure we give it a good try. We had a busy week trying to get him straightened out, and even had a CT scan done to make sure that he was’t having shunt issues. Sometimes all you can do is find out what something is not, so it was nice to rule that out as any problem. He has just been more nauseous than usual, more unsteady, wanting to always sit down, so I was afraid that might be causing a problem. I think it was just his ear was really bad, and the congestion in his head making him swimmy. He only has labs checked this week, so this is recovery week and we are pushing eating to prepare for the top of the cycle next week. He and Caleb were suppose to go to
Dr. Hill let Eli borrow his Carolina Panthers surgery cap.
Bible mini-camp over the weekend, but only Caleb went (with Vic). Eli still had so much congestion and had chemo on Friday, plus we ran late getting extra fluids so we got home later than usual. He just wasn’t 100 percent. So, I just couldn’t see taking him to stay in a musty cabin. Plus, the night of chemo is traditionally rough, and that Friday was actually rough. I think it was the addition of the Marinol, but he has been fine since that night. We went to Guntersville on Saturday for him to spend the day with Caleb and Vic at camp, and the girls and I went to fish, but Eli only complained the whole time. “I’m too hot,” “I need to lay down,” “I need to go home.” He was not near that bad off, so we stayed from lunch until supper and came home. Caleb loved it, and did very well. I wish I had more pictures of camp, since Vic has a fancy, waterproof android phone, but he can't seem to remember to take pictures of our own kids at our own special events. The girls are at Bible camp all this week for the big kids, and we miss them! I’ve got laundry sitting on my couch, and I had to take out the trash, and put the dishes in the dishwasher. I
Caleb and Hg washing dishes.
kid, I kid! We do miss them, but Caleb and Eli are playing great together so far. Caleb is a great helper, and so much fun. I am going to miss him when he starts kindergarten. Our realtor is planning an Open House on Sunday, so
everyone pray that it is successful and attracts a buyer. We have had several looks, and can’t keep flyers in the box, but that’s not really a sign of anything except curiosity. Please, share the listing. We forgot to add that the s/d has private access to creek and people fish or put out a canoe from that area, so that’s in addition to the saltwater pool and the clubhouse and tennis court. We are having a easy week, until we pick up the girls, then I hope to slow the summer down some and enjoy the kids and having nothing to do but what we want to do. I am excited to get with another cancer mom that
Our non-fishermen
 lives locally to organize an event or our community in recognition of Childhood Cancer month in September. It is going to be fun. We are planning a fun run, and some other activities, and here is a hint: Go ahead and get a Super Hero costume for Halloween because you might need it in September. Put a star on September 12-13 for Athens, Alabama, and watch for info coming soon. It is becoming all too regular to hear about the passing of one of our little warriors, so please say a prayer for the family of Abby who lost her battle to the same relapse as Eli. And, I have also
 seen some disturbing posts that children are being denied chemo b/c of insurance not paying for it (please consider St. Jude), and even that one relapsed child was denied acceptance into a treatment trial b/c he had relapsed more than once. Basically, he has a history of relapse and it would mess up their numbers if he were part of the group. That is appalling. I would hope a doctor, who has sworn an oath, would take this child and do everything possible to save him until he or the doctor took their last breath. Doctors hold the key, whether we like it or not, they do, so pray for them. Pray that they continue to hone their skill, knowledge, and their compassion.
Caleb loved canoeing, but Eli prefers land.

Both boys name arts and crafts as their favorite.

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