Friday, July 18, 2014

Abbey and I are making sure that's the face Hg wants to use.
Squawk! Squawk! I will be glad to have all my chicks under my wing (or thumb depends on your perspective) and no where to go this weekend! I’m hoping to treat them to a movie and just kind of hang and enjoy each other… well, be AROUND each other at least. The girls have been at Bible camp all week and I have only heard from Abbey asking special permission to use her phone to watch a movie with a friend, then from Hg today asking when I was coming to pick them up. Otherwise, not a word. They pretty much packed for themselves this year, too, so I hope they had what they needed. I know they had a razor b/c I could not find one. Sigh, that’s when you know they are not little any more, when you can’t find your razor and they are
The weather was beautiful, but I had a hard time convincing
Eli to go out. Finally, as long as wheels were involved.
 at camp. The boys and I spending this rainy Friday cuddled in a warm blanket watching Tom&Jerry ... Oh, and getting platelets and blood at clinic.... Boo. Eli's is kind of blah, today. His mouth color is not right, and he had some nose bleeds yesterday, so I really suspected he would have to have an infusion of blood products today. We came prepared for a long stay, and sho’ ‘nuff here we are. His counts were high enough to get the full dose of chemo last time, but it looks like he just can't tolerate it bc it is starting to really tax is ability to rebound. This is his first time to need it this treatment. When he use to get platelets, he would have allergic reactions, but he is hanging in there this time. The platelets were done pretty easily, but they are having trouble locating an available unit of his blood match, so, please, if you ever have an opportunity to give blood and are able to, DO IT! The more they have in store, the more they have to choose from. If they can’t find it soon, we will be admitted to the hospital while they continue to look just b/c it will be beyond clinic office hours, so stay tuned for that …
The boys watching Tom and Jerry while at clinic for Eli
to get platelets and blood.
again, boo. But, is that not just an awesome thing, that we are sitting here, waiting while a network is locating his blood match and getting it to where he is. Awesome. I am planning to kick off
homeschooling next week. I know! I told Hg and Eli that we needed a name for our school. Fun! I love school spirit! They were not as enthused as I was. I told them that we needed to pick something that they both have in common, something they both like. Hg only requested that it not be car related. Again, boo, but understandable. So, of their interests, the ones they share are aquatic life, special rocks and crystals, and they both like weather. So, we went with weather, and I am expecting the first official school day of Thunderhead Academy to be Monday. They each got to pick a school color, so our school colors are red and blue and our mascot is a “firebolt” - like a lighting bolt that is on fire. I told them we can do stickers for their books, and make t-shirts - Go Firebolts!

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