Sunday, June 22, 2014

When I was pregnant with Hannah Grace, the nesting bug bit me so hard that my water broke. I was just over two weeks out, and suddenly one morning, I panicked because we were grossly behind on preparations for the baby’s arrival at the house. I had naively “saved” things to do - purposefully not finished projects or chores - for after the baby came because, after having always worked, I was going to be so bored at home all day by myself with this other being. I remember I said that to a group of co-workers at my work baby shower and a couple of the mothers thought that was so funny that I “saved” things to do. They knew. Anyway, so I had 17 days to get ready, but I suddenly felt the need to cram 17 days worth of housework into one day, so I called mom - who else. Mom was a worker. She didn’t like to be idle, and she wasn’t coming to chat. I had
Yay! We are on the map. We had never seen one.
worked that day, and been to the gym during lunch, but when I got home, mom met me there, and I put my freak show in high gear. We busted that house wide-open until about 1 a.m. Since it was so late, we didn’t want her driving home during the night, so mom slept on the couch. I just wanted to be done. I didn’t want to think about what needed to be done to begin this next chapter any more. I wanted to enjoy my last two weeks goofing off at work with co-workers, meeting Vic for 4 p.m suppers (I had such horrible indigestion when I was pregnant. Had to eat early), and creating houses for my Sims and keeping them happy (a PC game that I was hooked on for a while). Then at about 2 a.m., I got up to use the bathroom and there was that trickle that I had read about in one of the baby books. My water had broken, probably from all the activity that day. But, we had gotten it done, we were ready… well, we were ready with all the house being clean, and the baby items in place. We were not ready for what
 we really needed to be ready for in having a baby, but she’s 13, so she has survived us so far. It worked out that mom had spent the night, so we all got in the car and drove to the hospital on November 4, 2000. I think I’ve had some nesting flashbacks this week - or hot flashes, it really could go either way. With Eli’s scan on Monday, I was so eager and really needed to close the book on getting the house officially listed. It has dragged on for so many months, and was really wearing on me. I did not want that hanging over me tomorrow when he has his scan, and I certainly did not want the continued nightmare with the crews to be waiting for me when we got back from Memphis. So, I have been quiet on updates, falling behind on writing updates because I have been busting my freak show at the house getting it “show” ready and trying to complete the bothersome things that the crews didn’t finish even though they have been working the three-week
GoForth Creek.
 job since March. I just had to get it listed before we came to Memphis. I had to. Since there is only one of me, and I can not be two places at once, the other house and the residents within have been neglected (I guess they can’t wash their own cereal snack bowls because they are always saved for me in the sink, and then there’s laundry… really, what else can you say about it. Then there’s laundry.) But the other house, that supposedly has been top priority to get out from under so that we have this great financial freedom it will bring (thusly bringing me freedom from financial guilt), is done. We put the sign out and then we came to Memphis. I’m trying not to be sad, and trying to focus on what selling it can do for us as in make Vic less stressed, give us flexibility of our location, and free us up financially as Eli’s next treatment plan is approaching at some unknown speed from some unknown distance. So, please, help pass the word about the house.
Eli and I did most of the fun run.
 We’ve got to get it sold, so we can keep moving forward. Eli is doing fine as far as I can tell. He has some pretty nasty bruises on his shins that I am anxious to talk to the doc about, but otherwise, he seems fine. After picking the girls up from Bible camp, which they always love, a few days later we had a girl scout trip with Abbey's troop, and Hg went, too. We went to the Ocoee tubing and to explore near the Whitewater Welcome Center. Hg had some minor outpatient surgery, and we had a great turn-out for the 5k sponsored by Bankston Motor Homes - that is where Make-a-Wish got Eli's popup. I barely unpacked from girl scouts and now we are at Memphis. I brought Hg and Caleb with me, so that is a little different. Also, we came in Big Sam, which is a little different, and then, instead of going to the Grizzlies House, they sent us to the overflow hotel’s overflow hotel. It is super nice, and I think we got lucky, but it is a good 25 minute drive from the hospital campus. We have scans about noon tomorrow, so please take 60 seconds to remember Eli in your prayers. Also, remember that we are having a letter writing
campaign during June for Eli’s “Give Back” initiative. The details are on the blog sidebar. The hispanic congregation that meets simultaneously at our building is helping by writing cards in spanish for the spanish-speaking children, so Eli got to say Hi to them this morning before we headed to Memphis.
Eli with Mrs. Espinoza who is writing cards to St. Jude kids.

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