Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Eli was so proud to be on the new wall.
St. Jude was overflowing Monday when we arrived for Eli’s scan. In fact, it was overflowing the night before when we tried to check in at the Grizzlies House. We were sent to the Holiday Inn at the University of Memphis, and it was super nice. Did not mind at all. Eli’s first appointment was not until 1000 hours, so by the time we got to the hospital campus, there was no parking place to be had. Not even to park at the Grizzlies House and walk, or in the employee areas out in Egypt. I had to use the patient valet service just to park at all (I don’t like doing that b/c of germs, body oder, and one time I used them and they took a sharp curve and turned over a water cup in my seat. But they are very nice and polite otherwise). Then after we checked in, we did not find seats until the third waiting room we checked, which was in A clinic where it is always hopping. The kids in the play area must have all been on some kind of hyper med, and just the chatter among everyone
was extra loud. My kids sat and played their digital distraction, as did I. Across from us and down a little, a woman sat on a bench with a tiny girl in a stroller beside her. The woman also had her phone held up in front of her face and was typing away. Then out of the corner of my eye, I caught that she was pausing her typing periodically. It became distracting to the corner of my eye, so I looked up to watch and each time she took a swipe at her face, it was to wipe away a  tear. She was quietly crying. The room filled with noise of all the action, but she was typing as fast as she could never minding the noise. But, for her message, those bothersome tears just kept getting in the way of her typing. Then the baby started whimpering, so she wrapped up whatever the message was, and picked her up to feed her a snack. I felt so sorry for her sitting there so quietly and unassuming. Something big was happening, and my heart hurt for her, and for me as I also sat there teetering, not knowing yet if our lives were about to be thrown up in the air again. She got over whatever it was enough to care for the baby and that was all I saw of them. 

We were technically done on Monday, having been there all day for scans and consultation, basically. While there on Monday, we saw where they would be putting up the new tribute wall. You might remember that the Mustang Club of America had a drive in conjunction with the “Eli’s Block Party” car show early this year and raised about $8,000 for St. Jude, which applied toward a plaque for the new wall. I got Eli’s picture in front of it, but it was directly after sedation recovery, so he is in his wheelchair and did not feel like getting up. We had to pick up medicine on Tuesday, so we went back up to the campus and we had no idea that it would be completed. So, we were thrilled to get to see it this trip. Eli was very excited to have his name on the wall. We are just so amazed at the compassion of others, and are so grateful to all of those involved with making that tribute, especially those involved with the car show and to the Mustang Club of
 America and John Farmer, who arranged it all with St. Jude. It is very special to us as a family, but it means a lot to Eli, who spent many months walking those halls looking at the names of others. It is heartwarming to have him recognized on the campus. I am excited to be involved with having MaKenzey Cain recognized with a plaque on the same wall. She and her mom are wonderful examples of grace under fire. MaKenzey is completing her chemo treatments in the next few weeks, so in celebration of that, her friends and family are trying to raise money to purchase a plaque. Your donation goes straight to St. Jude, 100 percent of it, so it is a tax write-off. Please, consider a donation to St. Jude in honor of MaKenzey via this link.

Before we came home Tuesday, we visited the Pink Palace museum. That is our next favorite after the zoo. Hg was still under doctor’s orders to refrain from sweating after her surgery - which was almost impossible with it being like 90 degrees in the shade on some days. So, we could not go to the zoo, but the Palace had a new exhibit about bugs, so the kids were excited for that. I learned of a new medullo fighter that has just arrived at
Our selfie at the Pink Palace. Eli is the only one that knows
how to smile for the camera.
 St. Jude from California. Five-year-old Kapri will begin radiation on Thursday. Please, include this family and sweet girl in your prayers as they are far from home, feeling lost, confused, and afraid. Pray for her healing, and their comfort as they will begin to comprehend what they are facing.

We have two months to breath now that Eli’s scan had good results. So, now with the house finally listed, we will be concentrating on getting ready for homeschooling, traveling some, and enjoying living a blessed life.
Hg and I enjoyed the watching the weather on our trip home.

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