Saturday, June 7, 2014

Caleb checking out the new carpet going in on Thursday.
My kids love storms, especially Hg and Caleb. We've had
another crop of strong ones pushing through.
So, Eli and I spent the night at the house under self-imposed quarantine. That may be a little overkill, to do so, but we have the means and it does not impact us beyond minor inconvenience. Whereas, if Eli were to develop a fever due to contamination by his siblings, even a low-grade fever, he would be put in the hospital and things would snowball from there creating major inconvenience with the potential for adverse health affects. Caleb started running a low-grade fever Thursday night right at dinner with no other symptoms and it has not risen above 100.3 or so without meds so far. Since it was Friday night, Vic would be home on Saturday, and we have nothing but home chores to do, we thought it prudent for Eli and I to stay at our house to see if anyone else develops a fever or if Caleb starts to show any other symptoms. He has had no fever today, and no more complaint.

“Prudent” is my new favorite word. It’s a way to sound smart about not doing something dumb. Prudence has never been something I regularly exercise, but I do find myself pulling back on the reins more and more. Today, I met with the high school counselor at what we hope will be our cover school for homeschooling Hg and Eli (we still have to be interviewed as a family, so cross your fingers. Us on paper is different than us in person.), and I have talked with another on the phone as I try to lay out Hg’s eighth-grade year which has implications for high school. I had to be prudent about our choices and resist just piling it on, as my personality dictates. Thankfully, the counselor kept me in check and I think we have a yummy recipe for Hg’s 8th grade education. Me homeschooling is going to be …. I guess, I will say interesting, but one could also say disastrous, hilarious, embarrassing, bumbling, clueless, comical. Many words come to mind, but “interesting” sums it up. If you put me and 99 people that I know in a group and told me to line us up according to who is the most likely to
homeschool and ending with the least likely to homeschool, I would be number 96 (it doesn’t matter who the four are). I even thought about creating a separate section on the blog for my experience, but I’m afraid I have lost some of my satirical spice and, it would be boring despite the potential of the material.

Maybe Vic and I should bring back HGTV. I mentioned this on FB a while back: When Hg was born, Vic set up a webcam using our mammoth VHS recorder on a tripod somehow and I would just move it from room to room all day with it pointing at her and it streamed the video on our webpage, which was (I was blogging before it was called blogging.) When she was an onscreen newbie, she did entertaining things like cry or sleep. As she became more veteran in front of the camera, she would watch a hanging toy and kick her legs, or later, jump up and down in the doorway jumper, and she even did a few episodes where she would spit out baby food at lunch time. You caught a jewel if you were tuned in then. When she became mobile, I couldn’t keep the camera on her, so we shut down filming. But, it was fun because Vic could pull it up at work, and watch her. Anybody (with a password) could tune in to HGTV any time through the day to see what was on. We did this off and on for many months. We tried to pick it back up for a short time when Abigail Elizabeth came along. We added the A&E channel, but by two kids I was tired of putting on my bra all the time just in case I was in the shot. So, knowing me now, I just wouldn’t care, so the FCC might have to give us a rating. Sounds like paperwork, and money, so I guess we’ll keep with the still pictures on my blog unless I hear from TLC or Harpo about paying me to wear a headcam all day.

Eli had chemo yesterday and had a reduced dose again. His ANC is pretty consistent just above 1000, so that just may be the appropriate dose for him. That’s what they said, so I’m going with it. He
seems to feel pretty good and he had good color today, too. His hair is getting a red tint to it. I don’t know if that’s from chemo or carrot juice. We are hoping that if June’s scan is good we can get in a good road trip before school starts and take him somewhere he wants to go (since Abbey and Caleb will be in school. They will keep us tied to home). And, Big Sam is up to the task! He turned 250k last week and drives like he’s 25k. Doesn’t look it, but feels like it. I can relate. We love our Big Sam.

Eli has been enjoying some packages and gifts from Mustang peeps. One is an all-in-one track that closes up in to a huge Mustang car. How cool is that for all of us because it all stays together, and it is a cool car when it is packed up. He gets so many thoughtful gifts, too, and not all of them are expensive or anything, but the thought and effort just make them so precious. He has been ear to ear smiling about a model he got that is the exact replica of the car that he picked for the top award at his car show. For the “Eli’s Choice Award” at his “Block Party” car show, he chose a 2013 grabber blue
with black stripes Boss 302. A sweet man from the Shoals Mustang Club ordered that car for him and
 he is crazy about it. I bet 50 times he has said, “you remember this is the one I picked at the car show, mama, did you remember that, did you? How did they know that, how did they get this?” It will be special to all of us as it reminds us of that special event. I am making a video of all things Mustang to share more pictures with everybody of all the things Mustang that we have done, and I found the one of him leaving the Flat Rock Assembly plant. They took us back to the hotel in a grabber blue with black stripes Shelby. That would be his ultimate favorite and it had to be coincidence. I can’t imagine they would have known in that detail what his favorite is, and I’m sure they have those cars just laying around, so they just picked one. But, wow, I remember the look on his face when they said we were riding in it.

If I’m following correctly, I’ve seen two new cases of relapse, and one little girl who is taking the same chemos as Eli has relapsed, so they are mapping out her next steps. It really seems like “relapse” is becoming as prevalent as newly diagnosed. We are thankful for these days we are having with Eli, and thank you for keeping up with him and diligently praying for him and all the kids.

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