Thursday, May 15, 2014

Pediatrician, Dr. Denny is impressed with Eli's Samsung Zoom.
Eli has had a rough week. His cough and cold got even worse, and the congestion collected in his ears. I took him to the clinic, but they said they couldn't see through his wax, that we should wait and see the pediatrician the next morning. I agreed, but during the night one of his eardrums burst, and the other one was about to, the ped said the next morning. His cough had reached wheezing status, too, so he is on an antibiotic for the ear infection, drops for hole in the eardrum, and rescue breathing med for the cough. And, actually, none of that is very new for us, it's just been a long time - thankfully, and surprisingly. He was very "lazy" all week, and had some tummy issues early in the week as well, probably from the congestion he was swallowing. He hasn't been to school at all, obviously, but he did feel some better today and has been up playing. He barely eats anything, and this antibiotic is liquid, so his belly is not happy with it at all. I am trying very hard to get a foot-hold here at the townhouse, so that we can find a routine that involves accomplishing the extra, not just a routine of surviving getting the minimum done (for example, I desperately want to get coconut oil on him, but it is so chaotic, the day has passed and he is in bed before I remember). It's been a frustrating week with Eli's sickness being agitated and getting worse, so that doesn't help the efforts to settle. Next week is the last week of school, and I really wanted him to get to go. Speaking of school, our school is hosting a 5k in Eli's honor, so start training now for the Light the Night 5k and Fun Run on June 20 at 7:30 in Athens, Alabama. It is sponsored by Bankston Motor Homes, and I think Bankston will donate a certain amount for how many runners cross the finish line of the 5k. So, we need 5,000 runners/walkers, please No, I'm kidding - Bankston and ABS are freaking out reading this now. But, it should be fun, so grab some buddies for a Friday night run - walkers are welcome! Eli will be in Memphis that week, hopefully getting good news, so I hope we will be back in time to make the starting gun. This weekend should be easy for him, no unexpected outdoor excursions to irritate his symptoms. The
We got out Eli's "City" that he had at Target House - ya know
since we have all this room.
 girls and I have an overnight with the scouts, should be fun with Abbey's nighttime shenanigans. Please, continue to remember Nolan in your prayers. He is hanging in there. And Brayden is fighting the rhinovirus, so prayers for him as he is on treatment. That is one reason why it is so awful when they are sick on top of fighting cancer. Their little bodies need all of their healing energies focused on cancer, not on viruses, and colds. Also, please include prayers for parents of all these kids. I've seen some posts recently that seem to show how much the parents are fighting the stress of it. Maybe it was because it was Mother's Day, but please, remember the parents as they struggle with their thoughts and reasoning. Pray that they see the answer is God

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