Wednesday, April 23, 2014

We dropped off your 300 DVD movies today!
Abbey and I tried to make our own Frozen parody a few weeks ago. The plan was that we wait until Hg was in the shower, then Abbey, playing the role of Anna, would go in and knock on the shower curtain. “Hannah… Hannah… are you in there?….. Do you want to build a snowman….” she would sing sweetly to begin. And, we knew what would happen. Hg would start yelling her duet part “ABBEY, STOP!” Then Abbey would continue, “Do you want to go outside…” Then Hg would yell even louder “GO AWAY!!!” Hg’s aggressive sisterly love is predictable, so I positioned myself behind Abbey with the camera. And, it started off just as we thought and hoped. Abbey knocked and started singing. We could sense Hg’s irritation, and she firmly said, “Abbey STOP.” And, we thought for sure we were on to something and we could hardly keep from laughing
Emily, Lindsey and Rachel of the Athens High Beta Club
met at the Grasshoper to turn in their DVD collection.
 outloud. Abbey sang her next part, but instead of continuing to yell at her sister, she flung the shower curtain back to sock her. Awwwwh man! The camera was right on her, so I had to delete it. So, then she caught on to what we were doing and would not so much as even shake the curtain at Abbey. She just would not even participate in fun. She is such her Daddy - in the no fun ways. There were six copies of the Disney movie Frozen in the 302 DVD movies that we donated on your behalf to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital today. Yes, over 300! That is fantastically phenomenal. I think that is going to be my new T-shirt slogan “Phantastically Fenomenal.” We pulled out 15 to take to Target House for it’s library. Just as when we delivered the trailer-load of household items in the spring of 2012, and when we brought the Hot Wheels, and the remote-controlled cars, and the detergent (from which my OCD will forever twitch because we were only two bulk buckets from Sam’s away from 1/2 a ton), we were once again

Eli and the Monkey House.
 asked from what company is the donation. No company, just generous people who are “Friends of Eli.” And, some that are “Friends of Eli” that we don’t even know, like the Athens High School Beta Club which collected 102 of that number. Big thanks to Emily, Lindsay, and Rachel, the Beta Club Officers, who drove the drive. But, also thank you to so many individuals that made the effort to get it to me. It all counts, and look what it does when it all comes together. Phantastically Fenomenal!

We had an easy day today. Just the lab draws, and quick appointments to clear him for anesthesia tomorrow. All his labs were normal. His ANC was 1500, and his platelets count was normal. He had an endocrine appointment today, which is in relation to his first treatment. They specifically deal with the affects of radiation, which he had during the first dance. They look at

thyroid function and cortisol levels, and both were normal. The growth hormone is stopped indefinitely. No reason to ask the body to grow, when it needs to concentrate on fighting cancer cells. I also asked about switching the preventative antibiotic, but the doc said that if the Septra was suppressing his ANC, it would go down to like the 200’s and never move. It has not done that, so they want to continue the use of the Septra. After those appointments, we went to the zoo because tomorrow, he will need to stay close and recover from the sedation, and Friday will be all appointments and chemo. We had two “I Spy Eli” players today, too, so that was really fun to have them come up and say hi, that they saw him on FB.

We have an early morning, so I am actually going to bed. Please, take some time out of you day to pray for Eli tomorrow. Thank you for all that you do.

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