Friday, March 14, 2014

Pick out a DVD to donate to the kids at St. Jude.
We are in clinic for our mid-cycle chemo dose. Eli is doing pretty good. He has been a little splotchy off an on, so we are watching that. Vic is our only sick one left, and he has a man-size version of whatever the kids had. We finally, finally had someone that (we like) came out to the house and is preparing a quote for all the work to do at the house to repair the ticky-tac stuff that was damaged from the pipe bursting and to do some touch-ups to prepare the house for sale. I'm going to be so jealous. The house is going to be new, absolutely new again and even with upgrades. I would like to secretly hope that it didn't sell. Eli was given some money to pick something out to kick-off his DVD Drive for St. Jude. So, he got one of his favorites CARS 2. We will be collecting for the next month until we go to Memphis for Eli's next scan. Get with a group or class or team to collect a couple dollars to buy a DVD that is a recent, popular full-length movie rated
Eli has been desperate to see his daddy and
and show him his new toy that SOMEONE
 spoiled him with. Vic's still sick, so we can only
visit through the glass door.
G or PG (keep in mind, there are older teens there as well as the little kids, so if you have a teen connection like a youth group or something, have them pick out one of their favs to donate, especially like the superhero movies, like THOR or something) . And guess what is coming out March 18 on DVD that is going to be wildly popular.... FROZEN, and you can usually get it the cheapest on the first day it comes out, like $15 at Walmart, then it will go up to $20. All my kids love FROZEN, so save $10 when you buy one for you and one for St. Jude on March 18. Remember duplicates are fine to donate because they will be distributed throughout the campus, and used are fine as long as they are "recent" and "popular". That is how it is listed on the St. Jude wish list. If you are not familiar with kids movies some other favorite movies of Eil's are Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, Ice Age, Monsters University, Wall-E, Wreck-It Ralph, Despicable Me. Please, remember Nolan today. He was having an MRI to help them determine in what direction to take his treatment. If you would like to specifically help this family, contact me for details.

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