Thursday, March 27, 2014

Freezing on the beach at 0640 hours, and Eli force a smile,
fussing at me through his teeth.
It is common for a business dealing with reservations for an event or large party service to ask for a deposit to hold the spot because some people make reservations then are no-shows. So, the business, understandably, protects itself because it is a business, after all. So, my new rule is that if I get my kids up at 0430 hours on a cold, windy, vacation morning to do business with your business then there better be a vacation something for them to do because I am a mom, after all. So, the only part BeachVac Day Five that went as planned was the leaving the condo at 0535 hours. in order to make the departure of our open sea fishing charter in Destin, Florida. A mere thirty minutes later, we were thrown off course for the whole day - a long one - when they called to cancel because of wind. We were literally 10 minutes from turning into the harbor parking. We were so prepared for today, too. We had our nausea meds,
Needing to fill time because of the charter cancellation, we
grabbed a donut. I didn't realize that neither the kids, nor Vic
had ever been in a Krispy Kreme store.
 plenty of water, sunscreen, packed great lunches, hooded sweatshirts, long pants, hats. I even had the kids asleep by 1930-1940 hours the night before so they could get up relatively easy. Since the beach has been like a sparkly movie star - beauty to admire from afar - the fishing trip was kind of our Pièce de résistance for the week. We were too late in deciding to take a fishing trip in order to make a reservation on Monday. There was a wind advisory out for Tuesday, so it was a perfect finalé for the last full day of Beach Vac ’14. (Insert raspberry tongue blast here!) Total bust because it was just as windy and colder even this morning, the company pulled the plug on the trip at 0600 hours. And, since we were basically already at the harbor, Vic tried to get some other companies to take us. Wouldn’t do it, and one guy pointed at Caleb and said there was no way he should go out there today. I guess he could get blown off the deck! So, we decided that we
 would just fish off one of the public piers with rented gear (there were poles at the condo, but we were hoping it we rented then the guy could help us learn how to sue them, bait it, etc.), so we headed to the pier that is just four buildings down from where we are staying in Navarre. We can grab chairs at the condo, and be fishing by 0700  hours. So, we pull in, and Vic wisely says, “Let me just go talk to them and make sure there is no unforeseen misunderstanding before we get everybody out.” Well, they don’t rent gear (insert second raspberry tongue blast here!) Plus, they said nothing would bite until it was warmer, so maybe try 1500 hours (insert third raspberry tongue here!). The kids will be worn out by then. Nevertheless, we head to Pensacola because there is a pier there that rents gear. But, what to do until 1500 hours. Since we missed the Blue Angels yesterday, and we will be half-way to the air field and museum, we decide to try to catch the practice - us and 40,000 other people. That was an estimate that Vic heard, 40,000 people and I believe it. After driving around, then stopping at Krispy Kreme, then finally after an hour in traffic preparing to enter the base and park for the practice with the craziness of 40,000 people, we got to see the Blue Angels
We found a random ship as we were filling time. We
just thought it looked cool and figured since we would never
see anything like it in Athens, Alabama, we would get a picture.
 practice. Wow! It was so cool, and even “Fat Albert,” the cargo support plane, was cool to see flying around. After that we tried to eat the lunch I packed at a picnic table near the bay’s shore, but it was cold and windy still and the boys just had not tolerance for it. So, the boys ate in the car. Eli, especially, just whines greatly about any extreme temperature environment, but he is also lazy and arches his back at anything new or that might require he put forth energy. He was just not cooperative. We decided that if they were that complaintive, then they would not make it a couple of hours fishing on the pier. So, we let them pick a movie (Peabody) and we went to a movie. Fun. But, that is something that we like to do together and the kids were all agreeable and had wanted to see it. We grabbed subs on the way back to eat at the condo, then I put the first of several last loads of clothes and towels in the washer and we called it a day. Hg and I did
Eli and 39,999 other people watching the Blue Angels practice.
 take a quick walk on the beach, though. The winds were calm, but the temperature was cold, and with this Raynaud’s syndrome that she has, her feet and hands turn purple in lesser temperatures, so we did not stay out long. This morning, the surf is crazy rough with a red flag flying. Yesterday it seemed calm up near the shore, but in the distance, along the horizon, it was bumpy. Evidently, an easy way to decide between to sail or not to sail - in that case, not to sail, thusly the charter’s decision to say put. We plan to head back home late afternoon tomorrow. Who knows what we will do today, but I’m tired of trying to help them (all) be time efficient to make the most of their day. So, today, my only real plan is to listen to the surf as I clean the condo. I do wish we left early enough to go through Auburn, but I doubt that we will. Eli has chemo tomorrow
Feeding sea gulls after lunch in the car parked next to the bay.
 at Huntsville, so I will write again this weekend, meanwhile, please remember to turn in “recent” and “popular” movie DVD’s to either the Grasshopper, Midway Cycle, or you can catch me at school, or there is a box at church, or mail it or have it dop-shipped. Thank you for participating in that. We had a great write-up in the Athens News-Courier to promote the drive. Also, check out the recent edition of Madison Life. The local Mustang peeps, Lawrence and Joseph, are on the cover with Eli and Vic and there is a great spread inside about the car show in January. We are so grateful to everyone for thinking of Eli and helping us have some great experiences during this time when he is doing really well. Especially to our friends who helped us with the condo for this week. It has been a relief to “breath different air.” Caleb got up one morning and said, “I had a dream
One of my superheros at the theater.
 last night that we got home and we had carpet.” I had forgotten about the mess at home, which is a good thing - the forgetting party, not the mess. I have also rarely noticed the albatross around Eli’s neck during the trip. So, it has been a nice escape and a distraction for my thoughts. We have a couple more things on the calendar, then we may slow down some…. but no promises.
Me and my Big Girl taking a quick evening beach stroll to end the day.

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