Monday, February 3, 2014

He’s a pro at it. One more day of swallowing a couple of capsules for this leg (one of two) of this cycle. This will be the last of the TMZ chemo (one of three drugs) before his MRI at the end of the month. I pray that this little pill of poison survives the body’s natural instinct to discard harmful chemicals during the digestion process. And, after a destructive trek through the body, enough poison penetrates the blood brain barrier to be an affective assassin to this evil. The beating his little body is taking during this fight is unthinkable. But, if he is to do better than match blow for blow with this foe, he will have to take the fight to the edge. Children are amazing. It is no wonder that God tells adults He wants us to be more like them. I know, He’s not really speaking in this context, but still it is obvious throughout the Bible the pedestal on which God sits children. Can we not learn so much from the least. I think of how much Eli trusts me, specifically that what I’m giving him in this little pill will help him. He does’t fight me, or even ask why, or try to slyly put it off. He trusts me because I love him, and he knows that. He has seen proof of that in my actions and he has been told that by me. It is not blind faith in which his trust is based. Why is it so easy for him to do that, but so hard for me to do that. He does not have the cognitive maturity to understand or purposefully seek to be the example that he is for me. He is a gift and he is proof. I just pray that I can reach his level of faith.
At chemo on Friday.
Eli has had little affect so far from this round of chemo. An uncomfortable tummy, decreased appetite, and low energy is all I can point to. His hair is changing, but so far has not let go. I almost wish it would some, so that I could feel like it was doing something drastic in his body … because we need drastic.

We are preparing for our trip up north where we plan to visit the Ford Mustang plant. It is not likely that we will ever be in that general “north” area again, so I have set us a course for Niagara Falls first. I noticed that when I looked at all the touristy sites about Niagara Falls, the pictures were all like spring and summer. So, big clue there that most people do not visit during the winter. In fact, there are no tours running, no boats, the cave is closed, so only the park is open that you can just walk to the falls and look. Nevertheless, I want to take advantage of being in that area of “north.” So, we will drive as far as we can go after Eli’s lab check, spend the night, then continue on. After we get a good peak at it, take cool pictures, get a souvenir, we plan to either see car show or train show or visit a light show in Buffalo. Then we will have the entire next day to snow tube. I am stoked for this. This is something that we can all do and I think it will be a blast. The kids don’t have to have lessons, or be skilled or particularly strong, they just lie down on a tube and go. Of course, we are not clothing equipped for this or for the trip in general seeing as the highs are in the low 20’s and I imagine snow is just like dirt - everywhere. So, poor Vic has been having to take a painful chill pill looking at the bills as I prepare four Alabama kids for actual, real life cold weather. After that we will go to church probably in Columbus before heading to Flat Rock, MI. We have a plant tour planned, and we will visit the Henry Ford Museum. On the way home, I think we will stay in Dayton and visit the Aviation Museum.
Playing outside after chemo.
Here is my question, and please, forgive my ignorance. If what I ask is imposing or in any way offensive, please, please understand it is because I have no idea what I’m even asking. So, I hear people all the time talk about “points” for hotel stays. Vic has never had a job where he traveled, so we just have never had to deal with anything like “points,” and we never traveled, so there was no motivation for collecting “points.” So, if you are one that is able to accumulate points at a faster rate than which you would ever use them and you would be willing to allow us to book a night’s hotel room via the use of your points, we would greatly appreciate it. We hope this will be one of several trips for Eli over the next few months, so we want to stretch what we have. We are a two room family or at least a suite with two beds and a sofa sleeper like at an Embassy Suites. The kids have gotten too tall for me to lay them across a bed so that we can get just one room. I think Hannah Grace is so tall that she might actually kick someone on the opposite bed if I put her cross-ways. So, if you can spare just one room in “points”, then we could swing the second room ourselves, or if we can get a suite with enough beds it won’t matter. And, I absolutely can not stress enough that I do not know the severity of what I am asking. If to do so would in anyway cause even just inconvenience to you, then I would be mordifiably embarrassed. So, I am a frank person, and if that is too much to ask, it won’t hurt my feelings to be told that, but it would hurt my feelings if it is and I’m not told. So, you can message me. We plan to need rooms in the areas of Columbus OH, and Buffalo NY, and Dayton, OH. I am a germaphobe, so the idea of a hotel with Eli’s compromised immune system is scary, but I guess I will just take cans of lysol and maybe our own blankets … and pillows.
So, that whole trip thing is huge and has been dominating my extra time… well, that and the house and its renovation from the busted pipe over a month ago now. We are still living in Upside Down Mess All Around World. I did have a great workout this morning and was able to ignore the mounds of clean laundry piled in the hallway that will have to folded and put away before we leave just in case they want to do work upstairs. Yay for tomorrow. When we get back, Eli will go straight to his mid-month chemo, and Hg will have oral surgery to pull a tooth embedded in her upper jaw that is obstinate and preventing the application of braces. Yep, I still have other kids.
The teenager of the house waiting.

Please, pray that Big Sam, at 241,000-miles-and-13-years-old-this-month can hold us steady for this trip. I am a little worried about him in this extreme weather, but he has been such a rock for us. Also, pray that everyone stays well this week so that we can go on our trip and that Eli not be inflicted with anything as he counts begin to drop this week. We are being stalked by viral illness. One of my favorite movies is Silence of the Lambs and in that movie there is a scene where the offender has night vision goggles and is standing right next to her in the pitch black dark. She knows he is there somewhere close. She swings her arms and gun around aimlessly, while he stands next to her watching her desperate efforts. That is exactly what I feel like, armed with my Lysol and hand sanitizer.

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