Thursday, January 16, 2014

Eli and Lawrence
Today, I told my kids that I feared I could no longer regenerate brain cells due to age and the stress of every day turmoil, so I was going to have to save what I had for only important information. Per that effort, I would no longer be remembering anyone’s name and would call everyone Lucy Jane. It didn’t go over as well as I had hoped. “I like my name, it’s in the Bible!” Caleb argued. Eli would not even look at me and each time just said in a low voice as he continued his lego project, “I’m ignowin’ you.” The girls… oh, the girls, who are delightful targets, didn’t even blink or pause to cast a disapproving look, but just continued with their request or statement. I do sometimes fear Ephesians 6:4 that says do not provoke your children to wrath. Thankfully, it does specifically speak to fathers because I do enjoy aggravating my kids. Hg even acknowledged behind a smile, “You are worse than the boys in my class!!” Too much fun. Oh, but it
 evens out. Like today, when the claims adjuster was here to check out the damage from the pipe, Caleb was sitting on the potty after completing his business and slaps his hand on the countertop and yells with giggles, “Service, service. Wipe my bottom. Where is the woman servant!” So, yes, I do enjoy aggravation any chance I get. Thankfully the claims adjuster, a big teddy bear guy of few words, just grinned and said “I’ve got five.” I said, “Great, the wipees are on the counter.” He didn’t have an appreciation for the opportunity, so, I yelled back, “Sorry, Lucy Jane, the wipees are on the counter.” The adjuster was friendly, but quiet as he surveyed and did his job. He sat down at the table across from me after he had prepared his report to show me the steps to completing the claim. While we tried to go over the packet, which he had obviously covered countless times, Caleb came and asked for me to tie something. Then Eli came to me asking that I separate two lego pieces that he didn’t mean to connect. Then here came Caleb again because he was too hot and wanted his shirt off. Then Eli again. I apologized for the interruptions, but he didn’t seem to care and we began to talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of a house full. I shared with him our extra challenge of Eli’s diagnosis and treatment. He said the usual at first, that he was sorry to hear it and he hoped that the treatment would help, but then he paused and kind of pushed his arms against the table

Waiting on me at the gym.
straightening his back. He relaxed and said, “We lost a son at age 19 in a car wreck.” Suddenly his eyes were bluer as they now looked straight at me instead of at the brochure on the table. “So, I know more than I want to know about it,” he said with a short sigh. He shook his head as he looked toward where Eli was playing with legos, “I wouldn’t wish any of it on anybody, but I do wish people knew how to appreciate their time, ya know…” and he trailed off to control the emotion that was welling. He shook it off and we talked a little more, but I was so sad for that big daddy who just moments earlier was an insurance guy. How could I not feel abundantly blessed last night as I read a new shark book and kissed the warm cheeks of my Lucy Jane.

He will have his final infusion for this cycle today, so please pray that he have little side affects from it. We have a slow weekend planned, just laundry folding, so I hope he can rest and recover quickly.
Watching the traffic from the clinic window.
We learned today that his immune system will probably drop just in time for our big event! (boo) Are you following this car show thing! Wow! It is just exploding off the drawing board. They are thinking that we will have at least 100 cars, maybe more. We visited with Lawrence, the Mustang guy that got it started today, and took some pictures with his beautiful machine. Please share the day with as many sites as you can as often as you can and make plans yourself to come. We are going to let all kids that come vote on their favorites and give prizes to their choices, so it is going to be a fun day. It is free to participants and free to attendants, so bring a ride to show or just come to look. Any make and model is welcome, car or truck, so if you have something cool to show, just show up. If the weather is descent, Matt Prater will be preforming. The event starts at noon at Lindsay Lane Baptist Church, Athens. We are going to put a jar out for St. Jude and if we raise enough we will buy a brick inscribed from Mustang Lovers Everywhere. And, we have t-shirts for the day ready to pre-order, so watch for details about how to order because we have to get the order in quickly to have them by show day. The proceeds from the shirts will also be added to the jar total for a brick. Mostly, now, I am freaking out that we will be sick. Eli’s counts will drop this week because of getting chemo tomorrow, so please, please, if you or you have been with people who are sick, for the sake of everyone, not just Eli, stay at home from things this week. There should be an event page that can be shared on FB, and you can share my blog. Since Eli’s FB page is private, I’m not sure if posts on it can be shared. I don’t really know how that works. But, thank you from the deepest depths for all that you do for us.
He brought his Hot Wheels '79 Mustang for his pocket... always one in the pocket.

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