Thursday, January 2, 2014

Our room at Grizzlies House.
“By faith… by faith… by faith,” that phrase has haunted my mind these last couple of days. It is in verse after verse of Hebrews 11 to explain how some of God’s people who are documented in the Old Testament faced fears, trials and doubt. Eli and I arrived back in Memphis Tuesday afternoon, which left just enough time for a trip to Toys R Us that evening. We had an early morning with the MRI. It took all afternoon to receive the disappointing news that the disease had progressed. We had hoped that it would have at least stabilized with the holistic treatment, but it does not appear to have had much affect yet. The holistic doc said it would take about three months to be affective. But, with him showing progression after one third of that time makes it too scary to “watch and see.” The lesions from the last MRI have intensified, and he is now showing a growth in the original tumor bed in the cerebellum, and a place on his spine. So, we will continue to try to keep Eli as healthy as he can be, but we will loosen up on him nutritionally to make sure he is enjoying the things he does enjoy. We believe a natural way of healing works for some, just as traditional medicine works for some. But, our feet have been set to a different path now, so we will move forward with the weapons we have left. We reviewed the two oncology treatments that we preferred with Eli’s doctor again, but decided to stick with our original plan. The TMZ plan, which includes the chemotherapy drugs bevacizumab, temozolomide, irinotecan will stabilize the disease for a while and right now, the lesions are not causing Eli any problems. So, if we stabilize the disease where it is, he should have no problems beyond what comes with the chemo until the disease inevitably progresses again. We are hoping at that point they will have made some kind of “break-through” and that Eli will be well enough to endure that. So, we get started in the morning via his port, then he will take something orally for the next five days. We will go home after the beginning of the week. I am just broken for him to go through this again, and I am terrified. I have had many requests about Eli, what he likes, his address, etc., I will work on that for tomorrow. We appreciate so much your support and for praying for Eli.

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