Sunday, January 5, 2014

It was freezing today, but we got cabin fever.
On New Year’s Eve I invited some friends to stop by to say hi to Eli before we left for Memphis the next day. Several adults were standing around talking downstairs when Caleb came running to the top of the stairs laughing. He was laughing and yelling, “Mama, hey Mama…” I went around to where I could hear him. He said very loudly in front of these people, “You know that big pile of clean laundry in your room?” “Umm, yes.” “I pooted on it” And, he laughed really hard and took off running back to the rest of the kids upstairs. I saw a post a while back reminding us mothers of boys that we are raising someone’s husband. If you have any little daughters who are inclined to enjoy potty humor, let’s have a playdate.

Vic brought the kids to Memphis this weekend to visit with Eli and me. We had a good time despite the cold weather, but we didn’t do anything spectacular. Eli continues to be in a great mood, but he did get sick during the night. That’s been my first sign of the chemo. It wasn’t much, but it was that toe of reality working its way in the door. I’ve given him some nausea medicine tonight that I hope gets him through the night. It was too mild for him during the first treatment, but I hope it helps so that he gets good healthy sleep. He is still eating fine and even ate some of his raw food today. I
At the Pink Palace museum.
 finished my write-up of ingredients in all the supplements that we do with him so that St. Jude can review the plan. I have held off giving him any of it since he started the chemo until we get the ok from St. Jude. We are still doing the juicing, vitamins and raw food. I have gained 15 pounds, I think, in the last month and that is no exaggeration. Completely off what I’m supposed to be doing. I told myself that when Eli had to start chemo, then I was going to get back to my regimen. But, I keep finding reasons to put off starting. I told my little Facebook exercise group that I needed a trainer because I need someone to make me do things I didn’t want to do when I didn’t want to do them. Oh, I’ll give half effort if given half a chance.
T-Rex and his lunch :).
So, Saturday, we hung out with everybody, then they went home first thing Sunday morning. It is freezing cold and rainy, so Eli and I have been inside the hotel room all day save one quick trip to Moe’s Southwest Grill to bring back a very late lunch. Why did I have to find out on my own that they dump a shovelful of tortilla chips in the bag. Someone should have posted that on Facebook so that I would have gone a long time ago. He slept until 9:30 a.m. after being up during the night, then I wasn’t sure how he would feel the rest of the day. Was that little bit of puke just the beginning for the day, when was the diarrhea going to start? I am just in unknown territory right now, but still, it’s not like every day of chemo is going to be the same. Anyway, so we did not go to church today, and he seemed very content that we stayed in the room with him watching TV or playing video games, except for that trip in the car to Moe’s. And, it was good, we will go
Shark teeth.
back  because of the chips in the bag thing, but please don’t fall for the clever “organic” marketing. It is not all what it claims to be and not much better than similar restaurants. So, I wouldn’t make any special effort to choose it over Subway unless you want fast southwestern fare instead of a sub. All the chemicals even out in the end. According to the poultry people, all poultry in the U.S. has been free of “added” hormones since the 1950s, so not getting anything special there. The antibiotic free statement might set it apart, if the restaurant claims that, I’m not sure. So, that might be something to hang your hat on, and it does have organic tofu as its signature organic menu item, so there ya go. Marketing and greed really cloud the waters when trying to navigate each day. I know God held my intelligence at this level for a reason, (can you imagine if I had something real to be cocky about) but I am so overwhelmed and bogged down with information from the alternative medicine world and the traditional medicine world. I’m afraid that my ignorance and inability to comprehend complexities is letting something get by me that could help Eli. It is frustrating and overwhelming to try to read things all the time that you don’t and can’t understand….

At the planetarium.
Eli just woke up. His belly is hurting. I put some three stooges on the "jumpy" iPad for him to watch as he lies very still in a little ball until it hopefully passes. His glasses are off, he won't notice if it moves around some (it's been dropped a few times, surprised?) We have no appointments tomorrow, unless I can get an appointment with a nutritionist here that I just learned may be sympathetic to our holistic cause. If not, Eli and I may see if they will let us volunteer for something on short notice, like clean the toys in a waiting room or something. I don’t know what they would let us do, sometimes they are picky about the patients being involved. But, I know what we will be doing tomorrow night, unless some aggravation prevents us. War Eagle!

Table for six at Cracker Barrel.
Please, say a special prayer for fellow relapse fighter named Nolan. He was on the same protocol for a while that Eli is starting on, until the cancer came back as it is expected to do. They have tried some different chemo that he did not tolerate well at all, so he is in intensive care trying to recover from that attempt as his parents and doctors decide on the next step.

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