Wednesday, January 8, 2014

He is already tired of pictures... hmm....
Eli and I are excited to be sleeping in our own beds tonight. Well, he is actually sleeping in his sister’s trundle and I’m actually sharing with Hg and Caleb is actually in Hg’s bed and Vic is actually on the couch. So, I guess Abbey is glad to be sleeping in her own bed tonight, which she already was, so she probably doesn’t care that she is sleeping in her own bed. Eli only had to have a blood draw today to check his chemistries which were discussed at a quick meeting with the doc, then we hit the road home. I know the chemo will begin to take a toll, but for now, he is doing great as far as how he feels and the side affects. We will go to the St. Jude affiliate clinic on friday to see if he needs any platelets, then he will have the next infusion on January 17 at that same clinic. I am so glad that we are home…. well, if we could have been delayed about four days, that would have been perfect. Vic called when we were about an hour and a half from home to tell me that a pipe had burst in an upstairs bathroom. So, I had to hit the ground running… or swimming as soon as I hit the driveway. And, look guys, if you have my phone number, then I’m sure you have attached my name to it. If you still pick up or answer my text when you can see plainly that it is me contacting you, then it’s all on you. Why on earth does anyone answer when they see it's me because it is obviously a distress call. Caller ID exists for a reason, people! To weed out the crazies, so use it, answer responsibly! Seriously, I don't know why anybody answers. Such sweet neighbors and friends coming to our rescue yesterday as I was coming home. Not the relaxing homecoming I had hoped for. I will write more later, but for tonight, I’ve got to get some sleep to get up and get the girls ready for school, then prepare for the guy to come pull up the carpet. Eli’s gotten some really nice care packages that he is really excited about, so thank y’all for thinking of him. I asked for prayers for Nolan yesterday and I wanted to pass along this link. He is out of PICU and one step away from a regular room if he continues to improve. He is on a feeding tube. I have a love/hate understanding with the feeding tube. The feeding tube worked great when Eli was on it, but the mixture was basically sugar and fats, synthetic additives. There is a company that I am just learning about which produces a whole foods tube supplement. His aunt, I think it was, has started a fundraiser to help provided this nutrition for his tubing. If you would like to support Nolan, please follow this link Thank you all for helping us get through our first chemo session. You may not hear from me much as we try to get dried out. Thankfully, it is confined to the boys’ end of the house.

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