Sunday, January 19, 2014

Eli had his chemo infusion on Friday at the Huntsville affiliate. It was easy, so far as having poison pumped into your vein is easy. When it was done he was allowed to pick from the treasure box. He dug to the bottom and, just like Little Jack Horner, pulled out a little Masito 2010 grabber blue Mustang GT diecast. He held it up in front of his eyes to look closely at it and said, “This is my lucky day.” Really? He is precious. The day was long of sitting, and he has had a good weekend of video games and legos. He has been nauseated off and on, and not much of an appetite, but he is in a pretty good mood, just tired. We visited with the congregation at Cherokee tonight. This little group was the first to welcome us home with signs and banners on the side of the road when we were traveling back from Eli finishing his first treatment. I wanted them to see him.

We have had so much fun hearing people talk about the car show and seeing all the cars posted that are coming. I am trying my best to let others plan and run the day so that I can enjoy a relaxing day with Eli, Vic and the kids, just hanging out …. not helping … not planning… just hanging out… not
Laying on the couch after church transforming Transformers.
 helping… not planning… it’s taking quite a bit of effort to do little. We are all very excited and I just pray that we have a good week, avoid sickness and that the weather is decent. Monday at 10 a.m. is the last chance to pre-order the T-shirts from Kelly Cain, so send her an email or Facebook message with your sizes. Continue to invite participants and attendants, and if your child would like to make a poster to promote the event, see if you can get a merchant to hang it and take a picture for us. Or anything you can do to promote it within your schools, or on work intranets, community bulletin boards or online social groups is great. It is going to be an amazing day. I may step away for a minute to watch Abbey’s basketball game, but I hope to get a chance to meet all that come and we will do our best to get Eli around to everyone, too. Be prepared, for those of you that don’t know him, he is a shy guy, preferring to check out your machine more so than have any human interaction. So, please don’t be offended, but it is not likely that he will even speak. I can promise you with complete confidence that when we get home he will let us know every detail of the day. He has his own camera from Santa, too, so he will be taking many pictures instead of talking probably. I also wanted to clear up something that was in the paper: We do not plan to accept any donations to us personally. Anything collected that day either through the shirts or just straight donations will go to St. Jude. We humbly appreciate your generosity, but God will provide us what we need at the right time. Eli’s experience and the blessings of the day will be priceless, so we will be abundantly blessed by the event. I am hoping that it can grow into something beyond the Williams family, and will benefit the community, bring attention and funding to childhood cancer research, so I think it would lose some credibility for that future if we benefit from it financially. What we gain that day, no
A tired little guy, but his color looks great thanks to the juicing crew.
 amount of donations can match. I’m hoping that we collect enough to donate to St. Jude to buy an inscribed brick for Eli from Mustang peeps, but we’ll see. If not, we will turn in what we do get. So, continuing on that note, those of you that know me know that I can’t let a big gathering of people get by without asking for something. I made a promise a couple of years ago that I would not go to Memphis empty-handed. But, I was caught off guard at these last visits with them having happened so fast and close together - and the news had me a little distracted. Well, we are scheduled to go back at the end of February for the updated MRI, so I had an idea. When we go back to Memphis now, we will always go to Grizzlies House. It serves a very important role in patient care as it is temporary housing for patients as we go to Memphis for check-ups. Something I have always found useful at Grizzlies is the availability of laundry detergent. Sometimes whatever treatment or check-up your patient is getting can make them sick and you end of washing clothes that you didn’t expect to. Or, I don’t pack as much because I know I can wash while I am there, which cuts down on the fuss of getting to Memphis. So Champion Chevrolet in Athens is going to have a truck at the car show for us to fill up with boxes of POWDER laundry detergent. If we fill it up, they will bring another one, then another one, so turn in a box of POWDER laundry detergent when you come to the car show and let’s see how many truckloads we can make. It will be fun to see the truck fill up, and the detergent is something that, as a patient parent, I have always found useful to have there. (How will I get it to Memphis… I’ll cross that bridge in February.)  So, you are thinking, “But you go to the Huntsville clinic now.” Ah, yes, and I’ve already asked for a Wish List, so I hope we can find useful ways to help them. Thank you for what you are doing for he car show. It is going to be an amazing day.

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