Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Eli drawing for the car show certificates. Yes, he's a lefty.
"Yesterday’s history, tomorrow’s a mystery, so live for today,” is - as all Mustang lovers know - attributed to Caroll Shelby, the famed automotive designer who branded the Shelby Cobra Mustang line. I can’t find where, when or why he said it, only that he did and it was kind of his motto. I also saw that Kung Fu Panda said it, but I’m assuming he grabbed it off the “Awesome-ist Quotes” scroll which would have given Shelby the credit. How fitting for this weekend’s car show. What an amazing event that this little club of enthusiasts is pulling off in a short amount of time all because of “yesterday’s history." Since “tomorrow’s a mystery,” they saw the importance of living for today. I am really speechless. I have no idea how to respond to such an overwhelming outpouring of support. What is appropriate? I just think I am unable to fathom what is happening, therefore, nothing is coming to me. I can only just sit and feel the chill bumps crawl as I read and hear about the cars and people that are making a special effort to participate. Just so a little boy can see some cool cars. I just sincerely thank all those involved in making it happen, in whatever capacity, at whatever level. It is a testament to the eagerness of people to be uplifting. It is proof of good. We are humbly touched and the event will be recorded as a remarkably memorable day in our little family’s history.

I’ve been trying to learn more about the Mustang so that I can hopefully not embarrass myself too
Trying to find a manly smelling hand sanitizer.
 badly on Saturday, but I will not attempt to write anything or I will surely seal that fear. Vic is a hobby mechanic, so he is just going to be a drooling mess on Saturday, alongside the boys. So, after he’s been standing at your car for a few minutes, please point him to the next and give him a little nudge so that he keeps moving or we will never see everybody.

Eli has his chemistries checked on Friday, so we will know what his immune system is. He started his tutoring on Tuesday and starts piano on Thursday. Our minister’s wife stayed with him this morning so that I could go to the gym. She (and countless others) are always asking what they can do for us, and I was embarrassed to ask her to stay with him so that I could do that. It seems so selfish and vain, and just a waste of good help to do that for that. But, I need to get in a good exercise routine. A couple more weeks of my current bad habits and I’m back where I started with the weight. And, I get depressed if I can’t exercise regularly, like the need gets all pent up. So, I definitely don't need that weighing on me. But, mostly, I need it because I need to feel strong. Not being of the intellectual or emotional sort, I feel more confident
In front of Grizzlies at our last visit.
 when I feel strong and less stressed when I can pound or push something. It doesn’t help me to read a help book or talk to someone. I am very physical, so I need to feel the strength physically, before I can feel it mentally. Anyway, he was glad to be able to stay at home with her instead of sitting in the gym hallway while I finished.

The dry-out people are almost done with the commercial grade fans and de-humidifier that have been running in our house for days now. That’s what you want: a “DE”- humidifier in your house with 0% humidity and the heat running non-stop. I feel like SpongeBob in Sandy’s tree dome without my helmet - dried up. We are still living with the upstairs downstairs, and figure that we will have at least three weeks of that to go.

We are hopeful that the temperature will improve of Saturday, but at least it looks clear. Please, be sure to bring your box of POWDER laundry detergent to fill up a truck from Champion Chevrolet. The detergent will go to Grizzlies House at St. Jude. There will be other
The boys play great together... mostly.
 opportunities to give detergent if you can’t make the show. Thank you all for everything that you do.

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