Monday, December 16, 2013

We arrived safely in the magical world Sunday afternoon after a delayed departure. I hope to detail it, but I am just plain whupped at night and can’t sit up long enough to get my Santa shopping finished
 and I just ca’t put it off any longer. So, I’ve got to get that done tonight. But we are thrilled to be
In our room at the Cozy Cone
here, just so excited and grateful for all those that made it happen. It something we’ve always wanted to do and planned to do when Caleb turned five. Then that summer passed and we couldn’t, so it became a goal for when Caleb turned six. Well, suddenly, that wasn’t going to happen either, so it is almost surreal to be here finally. I do feel the weight of the trip some, but suppress it as best I can and focus on enjoying the moment. Tonight, out of the blue Hg asked me that question that I knew was coming - though I expected it from Abbey first. I’ve said before that I had made a promise to myself when I had kids that I would always answer their questions straight, but this… this is testing me, testing my integrity with my kids and it makes me a bit angry. I did have a fleeting thought to sugarcoat the answer, but she is 13 and she needs to know that this time is precious. Thankfully, she was in the shower when she asked and could not see me turn white or see the sadness that overtook my countenance. I told her that he did not have a very good chance. Still, despite my haughty parental pride that is all I could bring myself to say. So, the girls are beginning to process it all and the weight of the sky will bear down on them as well. This trip is not just for Eli, but for them, too, and I am so deeply grateful for the opportunity to get them here. We spent the day at the Magic Kingdom, and by far Space Mountain is the girls’ favorite. As for the boys, I think they liked the People Mover in
 Tomorrowland the most. Weird. It was cold today, and I, of course, only brought short sleeve shirts and shorts. Hg is struggling with a pretty bad cold, so the temperature isn’t helping her any. We were so excited to have a package waiting for us this afternoon in our room at the Cozy Cone (absolutely LOVE the resort. We are in the Cars themed end of the resort and it is just like we stepped right into the little town of Radiator Springs). A friend’s mother had some shirts made for us and we received them today, so we are having fun wearing matching shirts this week (well, all of us but the teenager). I know that there is a lot of attention being given us at home this week, so I am just overwhelmed with thankfulness for our friends and family at home. I know this is such a busy time of the year, so thank you for what you are doing. I will update when I can, but know that we are having fun.
Buzz Lightyear lights.

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