Saturday, December 7, 2013

9th birthday December 3
Friends, at our review of the MRI on December 5, 2013 we learned that Eli has relapsed. It is early, but nevertheless the cancer is back. As of right now he is scheduled to begin experimental treatment Wednesday, so with an ice storm threatening Memphis I came immediately home so that Eli could have a few days at home before being torn away – again. So, I did not hang around for a lot of details. The cancer is basically just little dots spread out, it is not a solid tumor pressing on anything, so he shows no signs and feels really good. He knows. He asked me later in the car on the way home what the doctor and I were talking about and I told him that the cancer was back and he would have to do more chemo. He said “Awh, just gwate!” Unless there has been a new word created, I am feeling every word anyone at any level of intelligence can think of that means sad, scared, mad, devastated. But, when you think of a word within those definitions, just put it in all caps with rows of exclamation points… and shake an angry fist, too.
Enjoying a Friday night out.
I don’t have time to write a lot now; the house is a wreck from where we were trying to prepare it to sell, so I need to get it in order so that our “elves” have an easier time of taking care of my family while I am gone – again. Plus, I have lots of reading to do about relapse. I had done some, but the further we got from diagnosis, the less I did and the less kids I followed.
Eli's class on Superhero Day.
But, before I sign off, I want to make a brief plea that you share the news of this with your kids carefully. A sad day is coming. Their hearts are tender and their pleading petitions to our Creator are genuine, but as children they can’t comprehend the complexity of prayer. So, prepare yourself to hold the sails steady as we battle through this storm. We want to gain souls through this trial, not lose any before they can see the whole picture. I will share details as they develop, but as of right now, Eli will go to school on Monday, most of Tuesday, and I think we will be admitted on Wednesday (I’m not yet sure if that means we travel on Tuesday or if we travel on Wednesday. Traditionally, they check you in at night for fluids, then they begin chemo the next morning, but he will have to have a port placed, so I have not heard when that would be done.)
War Eagle!
Your prayers are our strength right now. Thank you for sharing Eli so that we have as many prayers as possible knocking at the doors of heaven.

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