Tuesday, December 3, 2013

We have arrived in Memphis at St. Jude and are settled in at the Grizzlies. I’m going to try something that I hope will not backfire as pretty much 98.2% of anything that I do does, nevertheless, I am not deterred (is that naivety or stupidity…). We have all of these donated Hot Wheels (that the boys and I love, by the way. I think I’ve mentioned before that I still have some of my own Hot Wheels from when I was young, a couple of 68’s, but mostly 76’s+/-. If I ever have time for a meaningless hobby again, instead of collecting Watt Pottery, I am going to brush up on my Hot Wheels history and collect vintage Hot Wheels.), so instead of just turning in the huge box right away, I am going to try to play an “I Spy Eli” at St. Jude. I am going to carry about 15 of them around with us, and post his picture each morning on the St. Jude family FB site and give a Hot Wheels to each kid that spots him around the campus. At the end of the week, we will then get the box to the right people. So, we’ll see how that goes. 
The box of Hot Wheels we will be handing out.
We had a fun Superhero Day at school Monday to get ready for Eli to come to Memphis The kids wrote well wishes on our car and it was fun to drive over here with all those thoughts of those sweet kids surrounding us. It was a fun day and I hope we can figure out how to do it bigger and maybe make it a regular thing at school.

We had a plain trip over and I would like to know whose decision it was to leave 2 hours late so that we hit rush hour traffic. But, as long as it is moving, right?

I think I’ve asked before if anyone knows anything about this shoe tree. It is located exactly two miles west of Cherokee, Alabama, and is right on the side of the road traveling west. I’ve tried to google it, but I can’t find anything. I asked friends who grew up in Cherokee and they knew nothing about it. How could a small town miss a huge tree filled with shoes. The Piggly Wiggly’s sale paper can’t always be that interesting to talk about. I guess I will call the sheriff’s department to see what they know (actually, not very high on my list, but still it would be interesting to know). It is surely more than just a tree with shoes thrown into it.
I made this picture bigger so hopefully you can see the shoes.
We had Eli’s family birthday at home on Saturday, and waited until after the Auburn-Alabama game to do cake and gifts. I’ve included a picture of them eating cake because I want you to notice on the Christmas
Happy Birthday Eli!
 tree the bammer ornament. Vic went to Tennessee and I went to Auburn, so Hg pretty much didn’t want to “be” anything that we are (where is Kentucky when you need it, or Georgia, or LSU for that matter, anybody). But, I don’t mind her “expressing” herself because choosing a side when you are a kid is for fun. I can remember growing up (not an Auburn fan or Alabama fan, my family didn’t really care either way) I had friends whose parents would not “allow” them to be Auburn fans. I thought that was so weird, I couldn’t figure out why it mattered and I strangely thought then that I would not restrict my kids. Well, that little moral stand has come back to bite me, eh? Anyway, I certainly don’t encourage the bammer side of it, but I do encourage her to have a range of interests that she follows so that she will develop her conversational skills. She will learn many lessons from being a bammer fan if it sticks. She even experimented with talking trash before Saturday’s game. She knew of bammer’s success this year, and I think I even told her that the chances of Auburn winning seemed slim,  so she so much wanted to be sassy with somebody about the game (hmmm, she may be a true bammer fan after all). Thankfully, she chose to cut her teeth on her aunt who took it easy on her, especially, after the epic Auburn victory. When Wendy came over, she held up her phone to me, “why did Hannah Grace text me ‘Bama is going to plant Auburn in the ground.’?” Oh, so that’s why she went up to her room and suddenly became busy sorting her sock drawer when she heard you were coming over. Ah, now I see. I told Hg that it was up to her what kind of fan she was going to be, but if she chose to travel that obnoxious road, she could not run and hide when it came back at her. It was a great lesson for her as I’m sure she will have many seemingly attractive opportunities to run her mouth in lots of aspects of her life and not everybody’s going to be easy on her.
So, it was a fun weekend with Eli’s birthday and it ended better than I ever thought that it actually could. I am going to enjoy our year of victory, but it is nice to be in Memphis for a few days where no one cares. Hopefully, the boys will get a break from old men bammer fans wanting to pick at them for wearing an Auburn shirt. Seriously, we can’t get out of Publix without someone asking them to say the bammer battle cry and then laughing like they are the first person to come up with that.

So, our coming week seems pretty mild. It is going to be rainy and snowy on Friday and Sunday as of right now so that sandwiches Saturday’s race in between the two. I don’t mind cold, but sure don’t want to run three hours in the cold AND rain.
Thank you for your prayers and for sharing the effort. We have several appointments Wednesday, lasting all day.

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