Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Eli ready for school Monday. He loves going.
I am truly amazed and humbled by your generosity. I just really don’t know the words to pen a proper Thank You. I’ve taken so long to respond because I wanted to sit down and try to write something poetic and moving in an effort to thank you, but reality has engulfed this home and I just don’t have the time or brain power. Just know that one day, I will pay it forward some how. It won’t be with money because I will never have any, but I always have time and energy and I will apply those resources to a worthy cause. Ok, so Vic said “just take 5 minutes, don’t write an article”, you would think after 15 years of marriage he would know me better. So, hold on to your socks, here we go: We are leaving for Memphis this afternoon to be ready for appointments tomorrow with those doctors to go over the images and to discuss all options everywhere with our doctor. We are open to everything anywhere, and that means everything anywhere. There is no successful treatment so that renders all things equal. We are open to holistic healing, that community boasts just as good of a cure rate as traditional medicine, so yes, it is on the table. And, we can get started with it now without any tubes or pokes or poison. So, we are working with a nutritionist and a holistic doctor to try to see if Eli will follow the regiment strictly enough for it to make a difference if it is going to. We have that meeting this afternoon to make sure we have everything we need. I will write more about my thoughts of all that when I’ve got more than 5 minutes.
lunchtime at school with some buddies
Straight from that appointment we get on the road to Memphis so that we are ready for appointments tomorrow. We have no timetable for anything yet. I have divided my kids out, and I have had to once again burden my sister with being the only support for our mom. I have cleared my calendar of all responsibilities except what is focused on Eli, and the kids (that includes laundry, house, all) We will meet tomorrow with our oncologist to discuss traditional medicine. He is willing to look at and discuss everything that is out there, so this is going to be a several hour meeting. We will pull up a trial, and see if Eli fits the criteria, if he doesn’t we move on. If he does, he will talk with us about the pros and cons, then we will decide if we want to contact the treatment center in charge. We are hoping that we have at least three options to pursue further and we are expecting to have to travel to some other facilities. Until tomorrow is in the books, the following days are in the air. Which brings me to your generosity and kindness. I am just overwhelmed with it and just don’t really even know how to react because it is just unreal. We plan to go to Disney at some point, but until tomorrow is done, and really, probably until next week, we won’t know when that can happen because we don’t yet know when or where or what we are pursuing. The money collected through the online fund, and the local fund will all go toward the Disney trip when it is time, toward Christmas, and if we have time a couple of other fun trips. Two long-shot trips (because of time constraints) would be to tour the Ford Mustang factory and to go to the college football national championship game.
AFD guys and Eli
We are also thankful to the local Fire Department which gave us a check yesterday that will be applied to travel to other hospitals, probably. But our priority first and second is to nail down a treatment plan, a place for treatment, (that will set our timetable), and then go to Disney. So, thank you for helping make that happen. We are getting lots of Disney offers, I am forwarding them to Kelly Cain, she will kind of pursue and weigh all of that for us, so that we can focus on treatment plans - not near as much fun to read about hospitals as to read about the Art of Animation hotel, but we have to do first things first. Melissa Green is sort of handling the house/kids stuff for me. Again, I could just sit and type Thank You, but I would never be able to write it enough. So, I hope your participation will give you a sense of ownership to the wonderful things that are happening and that your heart feel some relief for a moment. I will update tonight from Memphis.

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