Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Fonzie with my wallet and credit card making a late-night deal with Mickey.
Well, I hate to tell you guys this, but Christmas Fonzie is going to take credit for your generosity. That’s just the kind of stinker he is. A few years back, manufacturers and retailers started pushing this Elf on the Shelf thing, forcing traditions to be created in my home, making my kids think that they would be left out if they didn’t have one, too. I am just not a fan of commercial-driven traditions, and tend to “buck the system” of anything popular with the mass populous, so we have a Christmas Fonzie. He is the leader of the Vintage Toy Gang repurposed by Santa to bring joy to only “da coolest” homes. So, he is our Elf, although he is offended to hear us refer to him that way since
Waiting for the kids this morning. We are packed and ready to hit the road.
 he is better than the average Elf. The girls, of course, have opened eyes, but the boys just love him and his antics that usually pick on me, like eat my chocolate, steal my stash of Hot Wheels, and TP the inside of our house for me to clean-up. So, he has been into my wallet, found my credit card and has paid his friend Mickey to treat us to a vacation before he heads back to the North Pole Vintage Toy Headquarters. Thank you all for making this happen. Hg accidentally found out at a basketball game tonight, but when the others get up they will see that Fonzie has been busy. We have customized, fun T-shirts by our friends at Game Day athletic wear, and my sister got the cups to us, and Melissa shared the guides, so we are going to rocking a Disney trip when they get up in the morning. I’ll post as best I an during the upcoming
Eating a protein smoothie and checking out the ingredients of his organic gum.
 week. I will let everyone know quickly: Elis is doing fine, it seems. We are struggling with the diet for him, but we tried some pretty good smoothies today, and our nutritionist helper has made some amazing things for him to try. So, far, not a lot of luck with him, but I liked it…. I don’t want to know what is in it all, but wow, what she can do with an avocado. We are going to be struggling with it next week, but please pray that he improves with his tolerance of it. As of right now, we have another MRI scheduled for January 2 first thing, then St. Jude will begin this open Children’s Oncology Group protocol at St. Jude, and cycles thereafter will be at the Huntsville clinic. We’ve requested the documents so that we could send copies to two or three other facilities, and we hope to get that done somehow this week. That is mainly to eliminate regrets on the other side. Thank you to the individuals who have given us
part of the JV team I think. We grabbed a photo this afternoon.
 money in cards or in person, especially McClary Tire for helping us today. And, the kids at school are just so tender-hearted. They had a “blue-out” for the ballgame tonight and precious with their attention to Eli, from the kindergartners all the way to the seniors. Sadly, he is shy and not really comfortable with the attention, but he tries. People wore Eli blue to the games and the ball teams wore royal blue socks as they all remember sweet Eli and what he is facing. They raised quite a bit of money for us through ticket sales to the game, and a large group of them volunteered to shave their heads if a certain amount was raised. They far exceeded that goal, so many of them, included a teacher, shaved their head in honor of Eli going through chemo (it’s cold outside!). We love our school, and I am so happy that this protocol will allow us to stay here and keep everybody at school. Ok, I am already packed, so we will hit the road pretty soon.

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