Monday, September 9, 2013

We have had a good, but long day. Eli’s preliminary bloodwork came back completely normal with one lab a hair high in some kind of protein, but not enough to even talk about. He will have more extensive bloodwork done tomorrow with the growth hormone testing, which will give them some clues about his thyroid function so that will be another piece of the puzzle that has a picture which continually changes it seems like. But, I am encouraged because these labs did look so good, and because he has grown! He has grown just over one centimeter since he was measured three months ago, and if he were to continue at that rate he would be in the 25th percentile, which is in normal growth range. Before we get too excited, though, that does not mean that he is not growth hormone deficient. To be deficient just means that he doesn’t make enough, so he could still grow, but be deficient. So, yet another piece of that puzzle will shake out after tomorrow’s stressful testing. Another interesting thing is they did a bone age x-ray. I have mentioned before that St. Jude docs did not like the supplements we were giving him for his glandular health (and Vic is not excited about them either and was glad for a reason to stop). I was told that though they had done no testing or research either way,
 they believe it to age their bones because of one case they knew about of which they believe that to hav
e happened – no proof it did, but months ago we stopped it and his bone age is 9 years old. He will be 9 on December 3. The doc didn’t mention the supplementing, and said this was a normal bone age for him. For me, I was so encouraged. I thought, this is great, his bone age is right, he is growing, his basic bloodwork shows his thyroid is working. Everything about him was normal. Oddly, she did not seem impressed or excited by any of it. And, I kept asking questions that lead to the assumption that I did not want him to have growth hormones – which I don’t, and not because taking them is anything wrong.  I am so thankful that it is available, but still, the more his body can do on its own the better off he will be for longer. So, my wish list, and hope goal is for his body to function normally without any help. So, I would like to start with that hope, then work our way down the reality ladder. She just kept saying, “Well, we’ll see…” after the testing tomorrow. She just seemed awfully satisfied with him getting growth hormones. And, if tomorrow’s test goes great, he is not deficient, that doesn’t mean he won’t be in a year or five years. But, “we’ll see” about tomorrow for now. We enjoyed donating the hats. Thank you for participating in that. Thank you so much for your interest today and keeping up with us. Please, continue prayers.

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