Friday, August 30, 2013

I was naked on the trail yesterday; completely exposed to nature and to the side-ways glances of passers-by. Of course, some would awkwardly toss a greeting into the air, unsure if I wanted to be engaged or not, so I raised my hand in acknowledgement then just kept my head down so as not to seem too open to interaction. No, it wasn’t a dream. I had nothing, really… but my phone, I guess that counts for something. I was naked because my headphones are broken and I left my heart-rate monitor at home. Torturous and unnatural! I had no way to disappear in assumed concentration from my fellow trailblazers. I could not duck my head and pretend to be so engrossed in Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire that I didn’t even see them pass. Since I had no headphones, I had to speak and respond to their greeting! I could not look at my watch and pretend to complete some sort of work out cycle when I was actually so out of breath I had to stop to walk. I had no watch to pretend to look at! I had no idea what my heart-rate was, so I have no idea if I was cheating or doing better than usual. I know na-sing! I had to let my phone just play out loud exposing that Shaun Cassidy’s Da Doo Ron Ron is sandwiched in between Def Leppard’s Pour Some Sugar On Me and Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer. So, now, everybody knows! But, still - even though I couldn’t pretend to be better than I am, and I had to say “hello” to everyone, and I get the feeling some people obviously don’t appreciate hearing Dolly Parton’s Jolene out loud - I had a decent workout. The picture is of a little squinky that someone must have found on the trail and set on the post at the boardwalk part of the trail. Today, I did not have my headphones either, so I just played it outloud, but I did have my heart-rate monitor and I had a great run. Of the 4.75 miles that I did today, I ran two of them in 12! My average time over the entire time was 13:36, which includes walking and running, but that ain’t bad at all for me. Admittedly, I do feel a little like I was hit by a bus this afternoon and took a little something, but still I am very proud of that. I am starting to have a problem that is so bothersome. My sports bra is finally not doing its job very well. For two reasons: it’s about five or six years old, which is well beyond the retailer suggested useful life; and because I’ve lost enough weight that I do not fill it out quite right. So irritating to lose weight there, right? There so many other places to choose from on my body that could make good use of that loss. Anyway, so I felt a little bouncier than usual, and that is NOT something a triple-D birthing mother of four wants at age 44. So, I need a new bra, which is not going to make my husband happy in more ways than one. If you are blessed in the bosom, don’t let that deter you from exercising because you think you can’t find a bra that works. I have suggested this before and wanted to again, just in case that was being a problem for anyone wanting to get started in a workout. I like to look at Amazon so that I can compare customer comments (assuming they are), and search Plus Size Sports Bra. I wear the Enell No Impact, but may try something new this time if anyone would like to suggest one they like. If that is still not enough support, try looking into equestrian sports bras. So, I want to close by giving a shout out to my big girl sisters working hard. You know who you are. You are the one that is trying to get it done in the privacy of your home because you don’t want anyone to see how hard it is for you. You are climbing your own staircase up and down for 45 minutes, or using a video, or walking the perimeter of your yard at night. I know how hard it is both mentally and physically to exercise for you, but your spirit is admired and you are an inspiration now and will be even more so when you emerge a healthy person. Keep on, keepin’ on, cuz you will get there.

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