Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I am “Back on the Trail” again! A cleansing breath came over me yesterday when I felt such a relief to be back on this little trail. We have a love-hate kind of thing going on between us. If I’m remembering right, I started MAFIA(Mothers Against Fat In Action) in 2007 in a desperate attempt to garner encouragement from others and because everything is more fun in a group, and then I began walking/running this trail weighing 230 pounds (when I heard sports talk show hosts talking about a professional football player struggling to get his weight UP to 230 pounds, where the coaches wanted him, I decided I needed to do something although my effort was up and down over the next several years). My goal for the 2.5 out-and-back then was to just be able to run the whole thing without having to stop to walk and at that weight, that took quite an effort to go any distance at any pace. It took a while, but I accomplished that goal, lost weight and became pregnant with Caleb who was born in 2008. Yep, here comes the weight and depression again. So, up and down back and forth has been my participation in regular exercise since then due to duties and commitments with the family, but I always come back to this little trail when I need a jump-start. It feels like a good friend waiting to help me get started again. I've been on it alone, and I've been on it with friends. I've made friends on it, and I've deepened relationships with friends on it. I've had conversations on it that have healed me. I've been on it receiving phone calls and texting to take care of business. I've been on it when I thought I would drop to the ground from lack of breath, but kept going. I've been on it with numb fingers and toes and I've been on it with the cold sweat of heat stroke coming on. I've been on it in the snow and in the rain, and I've been on it when there was no one in front of me and no one behind me. I've also been on it in the cool of fall and warmth of spring. I've been on it when the creek was so high I had to walk over the road to continue on it, and I've been on it when the creek was so dry that the texture underneath showed through. So, its familiarity and simple straightforwardness brings me back to center, it is my homebase for workouts. This summer has been stressful trying to grab any kind of exercise I could just to keep from losing ground in my health pursuit after a successful half school year of exercising in the winter and spring. I am still slated for the St. Jude Half-marathon in December and I had worked up to surviving 8 miles, but that all went south about two months ago and I have done nothing, but maintain my weight loss (which is actually something, right?). So, I’m basically starting over, except for the weight thing and I am proud to say that I am still under 180, barely, but nevertheless. Some stresses and distractions have either resolved or are subdued at the moment, and the kids are back at school. So, I’m about 15 pounds away from my goal weight, but miles away from my race goal – literally miles away. But, I have enough time until the race, and I have time during the day now to prepare, unless the sky falls… or even unless a dark cloud falls that could disrupt my efforts. But, the sun is shining at the moment, and I had a great first-day-back workout on my favorite little Swan Creek trail. Happy Trials!

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