Monday, June 3, 2013

After church Sunday - a Bible in one hand
and a Chevy Camero in another.
It has been a worrisome last few days. Eli has seemed and continues to seem to be doing very well, except…. Yes, except. I do not have the cocky confidence I have had with the other two scans because on Saturday he suddenly said his eyes were “jumpy.” He said it stopped when he lay down. He said that it would probably go away after a nap because he was tired and needed one. And, he hasn’t taken a nap in a few months. When he got up he said that his eyes were “not jumping, but wanted to.” We called St. Jude and they wanted us to watch him closely. He has had no other problems and has seemed exceptionally well, actually. In very good moods, has slept well, eaten well, played pretty well – or at least played normal. He hasn’t seemed tired any more, and is getting tired of me asking him about his vision. Then today, he had what seemed like an issue with his belly, but it kind of came and went. Today we have been busily cleaning the house and getting it in order before we go to Memphis on Wednesday. The kids did a decent job of helping (honestly, the boys do so much better than the girls. I don't know if it is because the girls are older therefore less interested in pleasing me, or if they are just really that sloppy in their work, or if I am that much less lenient with them, but it is like
The boys getting ready for bed Sunday night.
 they all of a sudden are blind and have no sense of order or pattern or straight lines. The army that had to clean my house after Eli's diagnosis is laughing right now, but the girls will not win the battle of do-overs with me and I will make them do it over as many times as they "ask" me to. Yes, the movie Mommie Dearest was written about me before I even hit puberty), then they played outside, then went to Vacation Bible School at my mom's congregation. Eli has seemed good all day, of course, I am highly sensitive to even a twitch, so when he was half done with his lunch I noticed him just stopping and watching TV. He said "I had to give my belly a break and let it settle before I can finish." WHAT?!?!? Ok, what does that mean, is your belly hurting, do you think you could throw up, what EXACTLY does it feel like, does it feel like it use to when you would throw up.... I could scream. Then in a minute he finished his lunch completely with yogurt and cookies for dessert. He said, "Awh, it's nothing, stop looking at me that way. It just does that sometimes. I just wait until it goes away." Again, I say WHAT!?!?! When has it done this, how often does it do this, and what exactly is it doing... and again, I say, I could scream. Torture. Such a roller coaster of emotions. Throw in scum cleaner fumes, hormones, no exercise with a half marathon registered for and a low-carb diet and you have one doozy of an emotional ride all day that I am eager to get off of. He just seems so good, so I've just got to ride that until Friday when we get the results. Please, say prayers tonight again for Phyllis Young Basham and her family. Her husband passed away from a long fight with brain cancer yesterday and hours later their first grandchild was born with the second expected in August. I can't imagine the roller coaster that she is on. I do know that my mother's deepest lament that she continues to voice even these 15 years later is that Daddy never saw his grandchildren and how great he would have been in that role. So, please, ask for her comfort as she begins her new way of life. Another plea for prayers is for a Medullo fighter named Lucus, who is a friend of Haley, who also is fighting Medullo. Lucas is fighting for his life right now, has had to be resuscitated via CPR. I don’t think they even know what the problem is yet, suspecting something with his heart, I think. I don’t even know these people, but my heart breaks for them to witness this evil on their son. It is daily, hourly really, that a child suffers in some way at the Evil One’s hand. There should be a stampeded of able-bodied, able-minded souls running to Lord’s side, whether it be for protection or to fight. Why is this world so blind to the Almighty? The ALL Mighty, as in Everything Mighty. My fervent prayers for all of us.

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